Sky Pirates Racing and running away from flying monkeys in Oz

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Check out two micro-reviews for the new games I've been playing on my iPad lately.

Sky Pirates Racing

Sky Pirates Racing  has a comic tie-in and had been in development for a while. It was released pretty recently, and you basically get an experience like any other karting. Except, rather than karting around on wheels, you're on flyers that you get to customize like crazy, as well as flying with characters you can also customize. The levels are fun, and you could choose to play alone or connect with people online. The game is free and available on iOS and Android devices. I fully recommend it if you like racing games and needed something new to play on your mobile. The graphics and options are beyond what I'd expect from a free game, after all.

Temple Run: Oz

I picked this one up after watching a video on Touch Arcade (warning, their dialogue is a little cringe-worthy for lack of material knowledge, but the demo is great to watch). I wasn't sure about this release, figuring it was a little too close toTemple Run: 2, but it looked different enough that I decided to drop the $0.99 on it. I'm glad I did - if you're already familiar with these Imangi endless runners, then you'll probably enjoy the slightly more challenging nature of this game, plus there are extra elements like dodging flying monkeys and having the path crumble ahead of you rather than being able to see what's coming all the time. The environments are lush and you get to pick whether you want to stay in one particular area or run around in a different zone. Full recommendation. I plan on doing a full review of this game over at Twinfinite, so check there soon!