Friday Things: 03/15 - Not your Precious any more

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[Ahhhhh, just a few more days! I'm finally flying out this coming week, so this'll be my last definite 'Friday Things' until I'm able to set it up again with a steady internet connection. I hope you folks will stick around! I'll be posting more travel-related stories and sharing my experiences in Japan, as well as continuing my regular writing gigs. 

Have a dose of links below!]

On Books:

Doctor Who fans may be excited to learn there are three new books coming out in April. The three books are written by three different authors each, but they all feature Matt Smith on the cover.

I'm sure everyone could relate to Brenna here in that, sometimes, something just gets so much buzz and you're just, like, why? And then the more you hear about it, the more you want to hate it. And that's what happened with her and The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow.

Douglas Adams' would-have-been birthday passed this week, so a few sites celebrated, as usual. Nerdist has a great feature here if you ever wanted to learn about him and his life.

Ahhhh, libraries. I never get tired of looking at them. Even when they're in video games!



On Disney:

Apparently, there's going to be a Beauty and the Beast live action film joining the parade that we're seeing lately, alongside the likes of Maleficent and an upcoming Cinderella flick. It'll be called The Beast.

On the Star Wars front, it appears that The Clone Wars TV series will end, and Detours will be taking... well, a detour. Rather than being axed altogether, that one is simply being postponed. See the full rundown at Star Wars dot com.

On Games:

I... I kind of really want this Pikachu 3DS XL....

Awesome dad strikes again -- his little girl wanted to be a female protagonist saving Mario in Donkey Kong, so he made it happen.




Gollum is... busy! This time around, he's a "relationship specialist" and covers Gotye in "A Precious That We Used to Know." I particularly love the part where they almost started cracking up towards the end, there. It's great when folks are doing stuff they clearly find hilarious (i.e. are having fun while doing).

Spotted at Fashionably Geek, these chainmail belt buckles are so neat! I love the Legend of Zelda Triforce one...

Via Geeks Are Sexy - this is such a dang sweet (and fun) nerdy love song.

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