Friday Things: 03/01 - The truth about Darth Vader, and a whole new use for cats

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[Woo, it's Friday! Yay!

I'm actually pretty happy about this weekend since I'll be at Disney World! My move is so close now, and this'll be my last chance to enjoy Magic Kingdom and EPCOT until I'm back in the country. So I'll be there until Sunday. For now... my links!]

On Comics:

I was interested in watching Comic Book Men since I'm a fan of Kevin Smith and whatnot... but not any more after watching this video with clips from the show. Especially that last bit.. I mean... I don't consider myself ugly.. and I walk into my comic shop every month with my Coach purse and relatively nice clothes (since I usually go after work). And the guys at the shop are so great to chat with, always helpful, always welcoming and super nice. Whenever I have questions, they answer without being snarky or condescending, and make good recommendations. And then we just talk about our favorite websites, or whatever upcoming movies we're interested in, or whatever else just to pass the time.

I've had very little issues with other patrons of the store as well. Only one time has a dude come up to me (on free comic book day, the day of the year I was most dreading hitting the store) after seeing the pile of comics I was grabbing that visit, and asked if they were for my boyfriend. And then he stunned me. I replied saying they were all for me except for two of the issues, and he goes, "Oh, sweet! What's your favorite right now? I'm really digging Transformers and Swamp Thing." That blew me away, and it dispelled any apprehensions I had about hanging out at my local shop any longer than necessary. Comic book stores are not this safe haven for (male) jerks and goons, despite their reputation! I urge women to not take the stuff in that show and expect all comic shops to be that way. Just find the right ones with friendly staff and patrons.

(found this one via The Mary Sue) A student made a Spider-Man-inspired suit that helps people detect nearby movement, with the intention of making clothing to help blind people. I think this is incredible.

Comics update: I've gotten up to Night of Owls in the Batgirl comic, but it looks like I should catch up on Batman before continuing. So I read Hawkeye for a breather. Wow, I think I'm in love with a comic book. And then, I downloaded ComiXology on my iPad to test it out (and use it to buy Hawkguy #8), and I'm impressed with that, too. I'll write a little feature on that app on this blog soon. I'll also be gushing about Hawkguy on this blog soon.

On Movies:

This guy (23 years old) had no idea about the Darth Vader thing. I love this video.

An Open Letter to Ang Lee. The latest big debate on the internet is the fact that the visual effects artists that produce all the beautiful CG imagery we enjoy in movies rarely are applauded for that work, and some don't even get credit for it. I see both sides - on the one hand, Ang Lee is being awarded for his skills and vision as a director. But on the other, the final product wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for the brilliant team he employed to make it happen. It's a tough issue.




"Seven Fabulous Disney Princess Costumes." (I'll just leave this right here.)

If Super Mario were in the first person perspective, it might look a bit like this. I love that someone made the effort to create a video like this.

One of my co-editors on Tomopop found this and shared it with me. It's a font... made with cats. No, seriously.

These night light boxes... I'll take one of each, please! I always like a little bit of light at night so I can see where I'm going. Plus, the designs are awesome. Especially that owl. I'll take like 10 of those.

[A little bit less linkage since I got a little ranty there. Enjoy! See you next week. :)

Update on Japan: I've been moved to Tokai, which is really just one train stop away from my original placement. I've also been told I'll only have one school to report to, and I won't have to drive. Best part: I'll have beaches! And I already know a few folks that live there. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.]