Comic Thoughts: Marvel's 'Hawkeye' and the story so far

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It took me ages to finally get to reading Hawkeye (or Hawkguy), considering the amount of buzz that book gets and how difficult it was for me to get my hands on it after adding it into my subscriptions late. Once I did actually crack open the first book, though, I read the whole thing in a day. Pretty dumb of me, now that I look back, because now I have to wait a month for the next issue.

Rather than going in-depth, I rather just have a few thoughts I'll share about Hawkguy. The first thing that stood out to me is the lovely cover art (and interior art) by main artist David Aja. It kind of just smacked me in the face with the reminder that not all comic books follow the same pattern. I love his simple drawings and thick lines, and I love that there are a zillion panels per page because the expressions and movement are more important than an ultra-detailed scene. David definitely grabbed me, here.

Matt Fraction's writing is pretty brilliant as well. He's written Clint and Kate fantastically - and I mean it. I'm in love with Kate. What I also like about the way it comes together is I definitely hear all the silly accents in my head as I read the various speech bubbles for the chumps and gang characters, and I can feel the urgency and general dismay in Clint whenever he drops his "Ok, I know this looks bad" line. The pacing and everything is just so perfect since the team is unafraid to leave a bunch of panels in succession with no captions or dialogue.

Finally, the last big element that I also love about the story is the coloring, manned by Matt Hollingsworth. I love that the colors are more of a theme than anything else. You'll go from a purple and blue page to a yellow and orange one, and the colors set the tone perfectly. They guide you gently from page to page, and utilize simple shading to help your eyes along without having to spend too much time on each panel to catch every detail. It's the perfect complementary color style to go with David's artwork.

There have been several artists on the comic, and I kinda like that they all have such distinct styles. Some of them aren't as appealing to the eyes as David's art, but it's kind of daring and fun to know that the editors are collaborating with a bunch of different people and making the book extra special. The editors themselves seem fun, and I'm sad to see one of them go, since I like to read the back of the comic with notes and fan mail, too.

As you could probably guess after all my gushing, I basically really love this book. I'm glad I picked it up, and I'm more than happy about reading a character who is one normal guy without super powers, as a part of a group of people who do possess powers and special skills he doesn't believe he has. The main reason I've always liked Batman has always been because he's a plain human that's gone above and beyond because he's smart and strong. Clint is so perfectly human and I'm just having a blast reading Hawkeye; so much so that I've cracked up (laughed out loud) while reading.

At the time of writing, I've read up through Hawkeye issue #8. The next time I write about this book, it'll be a regular single-issue post starting with #9!

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