Beware the Ides of March: Movie pranksters and badasses to avoid

FilmKristina PinoComment
Today is that fateful day when we think of dear Caesar. But more importantly, we can reflect on the movies that do revenge in the most awesome of ways.

My personal pick is Amélie's prankster-style revenge. I'm not into the whole devastating, killing, extreme sort of revenge on the best of days, but her sense of justice made for some great scenes in the movie. Especially when you get to see the aftermath - though her pranks were generally harmless, it gave her friend a good day without his horrible boss, who was snoozing in the cauliflower mid-day instead of being a jerk.

I asked some folks on Twitter for their favorites, and got some cool responses, too. I'm definitely a fan of Inigo Montoya's revenge in Princess Bride, for example, as well as the bad-assery that was Uma Thurman's performance as the bride in Kill Bill. Other great suggestions included Payback, a double-suggestion of The Punisher and Gladiator, Man on Fire, and Oldboy.

I'm somewhat surprised that nobody mentioned the obvious: The Count of Monte Cristo! Though I suppose that's more of a literary suggestion. I also kind of liked the revenge aspect in Kick-Ass, and my third literary/book-derived suggestion, the girl power kind of revenge that Bridget Jones belted out in Bridget Jones's Diary on that evil jerk Hugh Grant.

Your turn! What are your favorite scenes of revenge, or movies that are pretty much about revenge?