Celebrate your love for books this Valentine's Day

Kristina PinoComment
Since I'm not so much into the smushy romance stuff, I'll be dedicating my Valentine's Day to showing my love for books! I scoured Etsy to find some lovely crafty things that are perfect for book lovers. Unfortunately, this list is mostly female-oriented (much like today's holiday). I'll make a separate list of book-lovin' accessories for men.

For now, though, check out some pictures and links below to some lovely accessories like earrings, scarves, necklaces, and phone cases.

Book Heart Earrings by Lizabettas

Book Paper Heart Earrings by Christina at Cities and Clouds

"I Love You" Silver Book Necklace by NoorJewels

Anna Karenina Literary Scarf by Margo Iceman

Nevermore Edgar Allen Poe Scarf by Binary Winter

"So Many Books, So Little Time" Pendant by Sherry and Dan at The Pendant Emporium

"Time to Read" Pendant by Jason

Book Case iPhone Case by Cases Mania

Book and Fork iPhone Case by SinCityCases

The Giving Tree iPhone/Galaxy S3 Case by Carson Brown