P!nk: Earning her reputation

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I had the pleasure of watching P!nk perform for the first time at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. Before seeing her, I'd only seen a few snippets of performances she'd done that'd been broadcast on TV, and I saw acrobatics, fierce costumes, and lots of positive energy in general. Even though she's got this solid reputation for the kind of work she does as an entertainer, I still wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down for the show.

I'm happy to report that she not only met these expectations, but exceeded them.

Before P!nk got on stage, we had to sit through the always hit-or-miss opening act. Some of them are forgettable, and some are memorable because of how bad they were or for intense camel toe problems. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised: her special guest was none other than Swedish rock band, The Hives! And they rocked. I think a lot of people were surprised by how great they were as performers, and they were promoting their album Black and White, which led to them dressing all dapper-like in penguin suits and top hats. I loved that.

Once The Hives left the stage, the show's emcee entertained the crowd for a bit before getting on stage and introducing P!nk in a game show-type setting. He interacted with the crowd and provided some funny relief throughout the show. P!nk herself came out guns blazing to her hit song "Raise Your Glass," and the high-paced performance kept everyone entertained for two solid hours.

P!nk did the acrobatic thing, and between numbers she changed outfits often. Actually, she wore ten different outfits throughout her show. Whenever she was offstage changing, one of her dancers (or the emcee) would entertain the crowd for a few seconds with an interpretive dance or a few laughs that went with the theme of the show. Then she'd come out and keep doing her show. She occasionally paused to chat with the crowd a bit, which was always pretty funny because she's a charismatic person.

At one point of the show, she got upset because a few people were fighting over a drum stick she tossed into the standing crowd. It seems to me like someone had caught it, and a nearby person snatched it away from them, or something like that. Either way, she wasn't happy. She called for another drum stick and gave it to the person who'd been ganked, but not before (very briefly) lecturing her audience that she doesn't want fighting in her show. It was kinda cool, actually - it's good to see that she could adapt to random things happening during her show.

During another point, when she sat down for an acoustic bit, she accidentally started singing something from the second verse instead of the beginning. It was pretty cute, actually. After noticing what she'd done, she just laughed about it with everyone and started back over. Not corny at all -- she handles herself with absolute class.

P!nk is a joy to watch live. As I mentioned above, she's a fierce entertainer (and person), and she just showers positivity over everyone around her. Everything about her show had a positive message to it, had something to do with being passionate and independent, or being accepting of all kinds of people. I love that -- and even though I hadn't been too familiar with her latest album, I still enjoyed the numbers. There was a little something for everyone since aside from sitting down for the aforementioned acoustic numbers, she did some throwback stuff and performed older songs she got famous for back in the day. I fully recommend attending!

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