Friday Things: 04/15

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[It's the day after Valentine's Day... Single Awareness Day! I figure these days get a bunch of people down, but really you should just look at it as a shameless excuse to show your love and affection for someone -- anyone --. Like, send your mom some flowers or something. 

But I digress. It's the weekend! Time for some links. Also, wish me luck - apparently we've got rain and a cold front coming in. Brrrr!]

Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) is going to be in this new show about an anxiety-ridden fast food worker that wants to be a super hero. You have no idea how excited I am about this. It's going to be called Super Clyde.

More Commander Chris Hadfield antics? Yep. He collaborated with Barenaked Ladies and sang with them from.. space! For a good cause, too.

I usually take random articles about nutrition with a huge bag of salt, but this one in particular lines up with the way I've been taking care of myself lately. Low on carbs, gluten-free, all that good stuff.

Above image of the delicious veggies via m4tik on flickr.

Pretzels and beer, meat and wine, brownies and milk? These pairings belong together (except the milk one.. I can't drink the stuff.). Here are some pictures of them bound to each other in a clever (and literal) way.

Paparazzi can seriously be gross. Evan Rachel Wood spoke out when she saw The Mail posted images of her ultrasound as she was walking in the hospital parking garage.

All of Japan, and both genders, agree on something very important: beer is the best form of alcohol.

Chocolate RAM? Unfortunately, it was a small-run sort of thing, but you have no idea how much I'd love you if I received something this clever (and sexy).

Amanda Nelson over at Book Riot talks about Book Snobs. What is a book snob, anyway? According to her, most people aren't actually book snobs, unless they go out of their way to put others down for enjoying things they don't. Sounds like this pretty much applies to any hobby or fandom.

[My link dump is a little shorter this week, and I've also returned to the basic format without subtitles. Do you have a preference? Should I keep separating my links into sections?]