Friday Things: 02/22 - Sookie Stackhouse, Ichabod Crane, and other superheroes

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[Another week has gone by, and I am now a week closer to getting out of the country! I'll be flying out on March 20th and then it might be mid- to late-April before I'm able to blog regularly again. I'm not too sure what the wifi situation will be, or internet at home (I should be actually moving into a new place March 29th), or even at work. I'll probably have a smart phone, though! So that's something. 

Enough about me, though. As usual, here's your link dump! Please note that March 15th (or the 22nd depending on whether I have time to make one ahead of time) will be the last one until sometime in April. Cheers!]

On Books:

The folks at TOR do series re-reads rather often, and the latest addition is the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris since the final novel in the series will be out next year. Whitney Ross is heading up the Sookie re-read, and she's even posted up her article about Dead Until Dark already. If you're new to the series, take care as there are spoilers. If you're a fan and want to brush up before the next novel release, this is perfect.

DC Comics have announced a new series: Batman/Superman! I'm actually pretty stoked for this one. It focuses on when Batman met Superman in the New 52 universe. The lead writer is Greg Park and main artist is Jae Lee for this project. You can see a few illustrations in that first link, and then hop on over to USA Today for their full editorial on the new book! Additionally, have a look at Jae Lee's artwork. My favorite entry there is in the Ultimate Fantastic Four section.

I spotted this one via Twitter. Comics and literacy is a thing, folks. Studies have shown over and over that there is a link, and kids will only benefit from learning through comics. I can't thoroughly do this article justice, though. Head on over!

Indie booksellers are pissed off about DRM, and they're suing Amazon and others because of it. I wonder what'll happen? The suit is over DRM on eBooks and Amazon basically monopolizing the market on Kindle.

Peter Damien over at Book Riot talks about "The Dangers of Reading About Writers." Do you read about your heroes and otherwise favorite creators and artists, or keep away lest they disappoint you as human beings?

On Photography:

I'm inspired. Spotted via Neatorama, there is an artist who makes small paper craft anime characters and then photographs them in various situations based on what's going on with her, or generally just to juxtapose them with the real world. There's a whole DeviantArt gallery to look at. Love this! I'm going to give it a try soon.



Doughnut Camera! Do I need to say more? Want want want...

Spotted via The Mary Sue - Photographer Jan von Holleben takes pictures of kiddos and makes them into wizards and heroes. None of these images are photoshopped, and you could probably tell but they're lying down so the images are taken from above. Ridiculously charming. Jan's page shows tons more fab work besides this highlighted photoset.

National Geographic's Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans, shares some tips for folks who want to take better wildlife pictures


Apparently, there's going to be a TV show starring Ichabod Crane called Sleepy Hollow, except he's being penned as a detective. Oh, and there will be time travel. What? Is Crane playing The Doctor now? Either way, this could be awesome. I'll keep it in my radar.

This digital portrait of Belle by Deviant Artist 'loish is spectacular.

I recently shared that Neil deGrasse Tyson had calculated the weight of Thor's hammer, but apparently... he's wrong! Here's the proof.

[Have a fab weekend! I'm seeing Muse in concert tonight!]