Friday Things: 02/08

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[This week's link dump is a long one! I'm not sure why so many cool things happened recently. Maybe it's because of the impending storm of doom that'll be hitting the north eastern folks, so everyone wanted to get lots of awesome out of the way beforehand? 

Update on what I'm reading: The Devil Wears Prada and DC Comics New 52 Batgirl. My comics backlog is ridiculous, so you'll be seeing plenty of comics-related reviews here in the coming weeks. My goal is to finish it before I take off, then continue digitally via the Comixology app for iPad. 

Update on Japan: Nothing new, but I'm being asked to re-submit things I've already submitted and re-file information that hasn't changed, so that's something. It looks like they're anticipating my Visa paperwork because that's why I have to re-file information like my mailing address and whatnot. Can't wait!]

On Books:

The nerds have spoken with their dollars! The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia was the #1 best seller from last week, and between pre-orders and week one purchases it moved almost 60,000 copies. Huzzah!

Disney and Marvel are jumping on the chance to spotlight some female super-heroes and have planned to release two new books featuring She-Hulk and Rogue in June. They are going to be targeted to adult female readers, but depending on how it's written I'm sure it'll attract a wider audience. 

Some of my newer readers may have been referred here by Bookalicious Pam this week. In case you haven't visited her page before, she started up a new community linking thing in which we could promote our latest book reviews on her blog. I submitted a review there, and some nice folks have turned up in my comments as a result. Check out some new blogs! 

In even more publishing news, Knoph is going to be giving us a new Bridget Jones book! It's one of my favorite movies, and the first book is just so charming, so I'm looking forward to more of Bridget. It's set for release in November, though so far it has no title.

Lost in Lacquer is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, even though I don't have nearly half the talent this girl does with nail-painting. She grabbed my attention with some Legend of Zelda nail art at first, and now she's impressed me again with A Game of Thrones-inspired nail art

On Art and Stuff:

There's a new webcomic in town, and io9 describes it as a Noir take on Pokémon. I love the art, and the artist (Ray Bruwelheide) is pretty talented, boasting several different titles on his sidebar's comic section. The one I'm talking about, though, is called Pokécenter.

Have you ever wondered about who does all that artwork for the Barnes and Noble merch? You know, those portraits? Neatorama recently spotlit him. Mark Summers boasts an impressive portfolio that ranges way beyond the stuff we see at the book store, I'll tell you that much. 


Disney has launched a new site for their Princesses. It's adorable.

I love that astronauts have become so social media-savvy and the space programs in general have been more communicative and open towards the masses online. ISS Commander Chris Hadfield makes awesome videos of how he accomplishes rather mundane things up in zero gravity. Have a look at "How To Wash Your Hands In Space." Then check out his other awesome videos.

Chaka Cumberbatch's story has been making the rounds, and even made it to the front page of Japanator because she's a cosplayer. She's also black. Apparently, the cosplay community has been sometimes unforgiving of her because she dresses up in costumes for characters "outside of her race." Her response to all of this is super positive. She tells people they shouldn't ever be swayed by bigoted opinions, and no matter your color or girth you should have some fun and cosplay as characters you like. 

If a video has ever made me want to hike mountains, it's this short film by Doug Urquhart and Paul Zizka.

Spotted by Fashionably Geek, check out these great designer-looking bags all done up with... Mario Bros. style mushrooms!

[Have a safe and happy weekend, especially those of you in the path of that blizzard!]