Friday Things: 02/01

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[It's a new month! I'm ever-closer to my move, which is now scheduled for late-March. I need to be in Japan by early March 24th (their time), so I'm thinking to go a few days early just to get acclimated, visit with a couple friends and maybe hit up Tokyo DisneySea, Gundam Front, the Ghibli Museum and other things. Just be a tourist for a few days before it's time for orientation and actual moving-in.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with friends, hardly gaming, reading much, and cleaning out my closet as best as I can. 

Enough about me, though. Here are your links!]

On Books:

Peter Damien posts Reading Pathway: Isaac Asimov on Book Riot, in which he talks about which books you should read first to get into his writing. I hope this becomes a regular column for more authors with huge compendiums and accolades!

On Games:

Callegos Yavolitak on YouTube created a video with Team Fortress characters on Source Filmmaker to recreate the iconic Scumm Bar scene (from The Secret of Monkey Island) in which Guybrush proclaims to the top three pirates that he, too, wants to be a pirate. It's perfect.

Kevin Chou got this interesting article published on Wired titled, How Mobile Kills the Console But Advances the Gaming Industry. I think it's telling, especially when he starts crunching numbers. And it makes sense. Who doesn't whip out their phone to play a quick round of Angry Birds or Temple Run whenever they've got a few minutes to wait?

Kotaku's Jason Schreier has some tips for you if you're about to embark on your journey playing Ni No Kuni (see also: my thoughts on the demo). This is actually really helpful.



On Photography:

Last week we saw Annie Leibovitz' latest Disney Dream portrait featuring Taylor Swift as Rapunzel. Not long afterward, a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot was posted over at the Disney Parks blog.

Trey Ratcliff has a hilarious new tee up for sale at his store called Camera Sutra. I'm sure all photographers could relate.

Spotted on PopSci, look at this breathtaking moonrise with people silhouetted in its foreground, shot straight through (this is not time-lapse), over at Wellington, New Zealand. Bucket list, anyone?


This past week I headed a huge editorial at Japanator about fanservice. Specifically, In Defense of Fanservice. I argue that anime fans have lost sight of what the term really means, and spark a great discussion with my fellow editors on Japanator about the sexy side of fanservice, what parts of it are alright, and what parts of it are not. Have a look if you haven't: Part 1 | Part 2.

Brought to my attention via BoingBoing, They Might Be Giants have launched an iOS song app in which everything is hand-stitched. Literally, it's all stitched, and there's a different song featured on it each day. It's also free. Grab it!

I see posts like this every now and then, and it's always worth sharing when a new one crops up. 25 Things You Don't Have To Justify To Anyone. In other words, do what you like, what makes you happy, and for yourself, and don't worry about anyone who questions you. Your decisions are your own!

[Looking good for this week. Enjoy the reading! I'll have more updates on my moving status as I get them, but for now, it looks like I gotta be there by the 24th for orientation from the 25th through the 29th, then I'll be moving in to my new place, getting my residency, phone, bank account, all that good stuff. Nervous!]