Five people alive today who should eventually write a memoir

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Continuing on the vein of life stories which haven't been written yet (see my previous post on fictional characters who we have no back stories for), my next brilliant list is about real people who are alive today and haven't penned some sort of memoir. These are people who seem to lead remarkable lives, but haven't been motivated to tell anyone their story. In some cases, these folks don't want to talk about themselves so much as share what they've learned in life. Whatever the case may be, sample my intrigue.

1) Keanu Reeves

Out of any famous person I could list, I think Keanu is the one whose story intrigues me most in the sense that, unlike other popular artists, he doesn't indulge the media with too many details about his personal life, beliefs, or general thoughts about life. Besides being ridiculously talented, he comes from a diverse family and has dealt with some hardships that are no easy task to cope with. I say all this and add him to my list, but considering he seems to enjoy his privacy and leads a rather low-key life, I doubt he'll ever write a memoir.

2) Daniel Radcliffe

It's tough to rise to fame as an iconic character and then manage to divorce yourself from it as gracefully as Radcliffe has managed to prove his worth and talent following the end of the Harry Potter series. Besides being in film and on TV, he's performing on Broadway, his most recent prestigious role being that of Finch in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. He's still a bit too young (and, alarmingly, younger than I am), so it'd be a while before I think we'd be ready for words penned by him. But once some more time passes, I'm going to be all ears (well, all eyes) for Radcliffe. (This isn't to say he doesn't have anything to go on right now, I just think it'll only get better the longer he waits, for now.)

3) Billy Joel

There are very few artists who I could safely say that if you left me with their entire discography and told me that's all I could listen to for a full year or more, I'd be totally dandy (hint: he is one of them). Billy has had an impressively long, but not easy, career and is lucky enough to be a talented songwriter on top of being a musician. And my favorite kind: a pianist. I've seen him perform live once, and he's just magical to share the same room (however large) with. To top it off, I got to see him during his "Face 2 Face" tour together with Elton John, and neither out-shined the other. It was just a magical (and memorable) night altogether.

4) Ewan McGregor

Though there have been books written about him, none are authored by the man himself and thus don't count as memoirs. Besides being multi-talented (acting and singing), and having a successful career, a wife and four daughters, and counting himself among the ranks of recovered alcoholics, McGregor also travels avidly. Though I am interested in hearing the story of his life, I am even more intrigued in stories about his travels, much like Michael Crichton's book which gives a fair bit about his life and more about what he'd learned while seeing the world. McGregor has been all over the place -- he just has to be brimming with stories!

5) Commander Chris Hadfield

I mentioned it in a recent link dump, but I'll just reiterate now that Chris Hadfield is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. He's a Canadian astronaut who also happens to be a musician (this reminds me of my astronomy/physics professor back in college, who sang to us in class - fond memories) and is currently aboard the ISS. Like many astronauts (and a particular Mars Rover) lately, he's social media-savvy and keeps in touch with the internet at-large via Twitter. He also creates videos of himself doing mundane things in space, explaining how and why he needs to perform certain tasks. He appears to genuinely love Earth despite his job taking him off it, and I'd love to read what he'd have to write.

Five seems too short of a list, doesn't it? There are just so many inspiring people out there whose stories are begging to be told, that I had a hard time just selecting a handful. As with my other list, feel free to agree/disagree with me here as well as suggest other potential memoirs! Remember, the person in question must still be alive.