Five fictional characters whose life stories have yet to be told

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Though it seems kind of weird to say it, memoirs for fictional people already (kind of) exist. If you think about it, that's what The Hobbit is. I'm just applying the "memoir" label to them instead of regarding the stories as fantasy or whatnot (I know it's a stretch). It just has... the wrong author name on the cover! Sometimes, the authors give credit to the character, as is the case with Lemony Snicket in his Unauthorized Autobiography. That's cool, too. But the bottom line is, we know who all these big characters are and we know their stories. Bilbo, Harry Potter, Alice, Batman.... the list goes on.

This list is for five characters who haven't really been able to tell their stories, because they're so entrenched in someone else's most of the time.

1) Alfred Pennyworth

Batman's ever-loyal and present butler has been around since Bruce's childhood, supporting him throughout his life and fulfilling his every need. But why? Why does he do it? Where did he even come from? What was he doing before he was hired by the Wayne family, and why does he help Batman unconditionally? The world needs to know.

2) Albus Dumbledore

While there are several characters in the Harry Potter series, including Sirius Black, and even Severus Snape, who I'd love to read some back story on, or even just a few short stories about their adventures, the one I've always been most intrigued about is Dumbledore's. What was his life like when he was a kid, growing up, and pretty much everything else before he settled down at Hogwarts? There's a reason why he's such a Big Deal. What got him there?

3) Aragorn

Though he's got some bits and pieces of back story spelled out in the various Lord of the Rings-related books, there isn't a collected or concise work of his story and adventures. I'd love to get a look into Aragorn's mind and get to know the character more. He wasn't originally going to make it on this list, but a friend made the suggestion and it got me thinking... yes. This is a thing I'd want.

4) Yoda

Though he's one of the most influential characters in the Star Wars (film) universe, we know virtually nothing about him in terms of his early life and rise to Master Jedi. What's up with that? And out of all of the fictional characters in this list, even over Alfred, Yoda seems most suited for a comic-type story. But yeah, seriously. Someone needs to get on this.

5) Yen Sid

I couldn't finish this list without at least one mysterious Disney character whose back story is completely missing! At first, I thought of Maleficent... except there's a movie coming out based on her, so maybe that particular wish will be granted. But Yen Sid? Besides his (silent) appearance in the Sorcerer's Apprentice set of Fantasia and his brief role in Epic Mickey, which is a total side-story type deal, I know pretty much nothing about him except he's a bad-ass wizard. And his name is Disney spelled backwards.

Those are my five picks! I might be doing a part two sometime in the future since there are just so many great characters to choose from. In the meanwhile... what are your picks?