Friday Things: 01/18

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[It's a new Friday... a new weekend... huzzah!

This week I've been kind of sick, and that stinks, but a few cool things happened. Namely, I finally got around to reading Lemony Snicket's latest book, Who Could That Be at This Hour?, and loved it. I was also finally published at Quirk Books for the first time, and I broke a story on Twinfinite. Overall, I can't really complain.]

On Games:

The Cave is being released in just a few days! On Tuesday, Jan. 22 it will be released for WiiU and PSN, and Jan. 23 it'll come out for XBox360 and PC. I'll most likely be grabbing it on Steam. I'll also be working on a guide if I can bring myself to learn all the game's secrets.

If you ever wanted to know Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's life story, Polygon went through the trouble of putting it all in one, concise article. I already knew some of this, but not the main point: Frank Welker gave Oswald a voice for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Now I'm even more excited to play.

Though I'm not much of a fan of the Angry Birds games, it's kind of a big deal to note (via TouchArcade) that Angry Birds: Rio is now free for both iPhone and iPad. This version of the game is tied with the adorable movie Rio, and because of that I might actually give it a download. Maybe this'll be the game that gives me the Angry Birds bug? If not, it'd definitely be Star Wars, but I just can't bring myself to shell out dough for a game I didn't like from the beginning.

PopSci ran an interesting article today titled, "What Makes a Mobile Game Great?" Considering some of the polarizing releases lately, it's a relevant topic to be sure. Though I don't entirely agree with the main points being made here, I can't deny that quick one-minute rounds and snippy levels are what make mobile games addictive.

Staying on that vein on mobile gaming, Siliconera asked the mobile dev team at Square Enix about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its journey to iOS. In this case, I think that the game is the best of both worlds... you get a full game in small doses with plenty of great features, but it's slightly marred by all the in-app purchases. The iOS version complements the original 3DS game though, and is perfect for owners of both. For those who just download the iOS version though, there's a lot of grey area. At worst, the iOS version is a demo of the 3DS game.

Don't you want these Super Mario coasters in your life?

Sophie Prell writes on the PA Report about FFXIII: Lightning Returns after sitting in with the team at a preview/demo. I must say... I was already excited about this game before, but now I'm positively bubbling with it. Square Enix added so many ambitious elements to this final installments, and it's refreshing to see them reaching for new things. "...with extensive character customization, new combat options like active dodging, and a world countdown clock, this may be one of the bigger departures from standard Final Fantasy games."


Lit Reactor made a list titled, 10 New Comics To Try in 2013. They all look like they're worth a shot! Some of them I've already heard great things about, and others I've already grabbed the first book of (Sandman). Overall, fab list. It made me interested in Pretty Deadly.

The White House made an announcement this week saying they were increasing the number of signatures from 25k to 100k for online petitions following a few nerdy petitions that made it up to consideration. The Daily Dot reports that there is actually a counter-petition up now, a serious one, to reduce the number back to 25k.

Remember how I mentioned I want to learn to sew so I could make myself a snazzy apron? Here's a visual so you can understand just how awesome it would be if I could make my own apron.

[Alright, so there was way more game-related news than usual here this week! I'm not sure why that is. I guess I just have that on my mind? 

Have a great weekend!]