Thoughts On: 'Dial H' #6

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[Warning: this post isn't entirely spoiler-free!]

Dial H for Hero (The New 52: Issue #6)

Writer: China Miéville
Artist: David Lapham
Colorsists: Tanya and Richard Horie
Letters: Steve Wands
Cover: Brian Bolland
Assistant Editor: Gregory Lockard
Editor: Karen Berger

I was looking forward to this particular issue to know where the story is pointing to. As it turns out, Nels and Roxie (Manteau) are sharing the H-Dial, taking turns and sitting in front of the TV to respond to emergencies whenever there are any. They're totally reminding me of Mr Incredible here -- waiting for something to happen while stalking the police scanner. That isn't all that's happening, though.

We learn this issue that Roxie is still trying to teach Nels that he has to protect his mind from the supes he dials. It's been repeated in previous issues, so it appears that he's slow on the uptake. He outright refuses to cloak up and wear a mask like she does to go out. Personally, I think it'd be a good idea for him to start considering it.

What I particularly enjoyed about Issue #6, more than anything, was the focus on ethics. Nels dialed a racist hero this time around, and Roxie teaches him that he should avoid running out to play in these situations. I like that she made a distinction between what would have been a correct portrayal of a hero chieftain opposed to what she had in front of her.

If I had one complaint about this issue, it's that Miéville also slipped a 99% line in the dialogue there. Those two panels seemed pointless to me. Nothing in that brief section added to the story or went with the flow. Maybe it'll come up again later though, so I'll reserve harsh judgement until a few more issues are released.

The art this time around is pretty rad. Instead of Nels' body, his lines are mostly said by this big, red-skinned chief dude with a huge feathery headdress. His dialogue is clever because it kind of switches between Nels and his ID, but the artist did a good job of giving a visual portrayal of these weird moments when a personality switch would occur. You could tell when it was 100% Nels talking, or when he was kind of battling it out with the chief.

Last time, (with Issue #0) we learned that some of the IDs may possibly travel through time and attack the Dialers. I'm pretty excited about this possibly coming up in the near future, especially with that last line from Roxie that she may have found another H-Dial. Suspense!