Quick Three: iOS gaming on the road

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While I was out traveling last month I had a fair amount of downtime while flying, riding a bus or car, or just generally waiting around for things. I did some reading of course, but I also played games on my iPad. My three picks for this last trip in games that help you pass the time in small chunks are:

Hello Kitty Cafe:

Hello Kitty Cafe is awesome and actually by Sanrio (and free). The music that plays in the background when you're "working" is the same background music theme of Florapolis in Hello Kitty Online, which made me feel kind of nostalgic. The game is for iPhone, so if you enbiggen it on the iPad it loses a little bit of sharpness, but otherwise the graphics are so cute and fluffy that it works just fine.

Hello Kitty Cafe gives you hours of entertainment before you hit a paywall, though you don't necessarily need to pay in order to advance in or enjoy the game. Just get lucky in the daily spins or be patient and play more working days to get more money and tokens.

After unlocking dishes and upgrading all your furniture, you could buy all kinds of decor and hire other Sanrio denizens to help you out. It's all-around adorable and highly addictive. The only thing that stinks is this overwhelming feeling of worthlessness after most games because I've let customers down!

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled needs no introduction. Whenever I get back into this game, it keeps me in its choke hold for days at a time before I can get away again. There's nothing special about it; Bejeweled just helps pass the time - one minute at a time - and I end up saying "just one more round" over and over until I'm satisfied with a high score. I tend to turn the music off because it rushes me.

Sudoku 2

Sudoku apps can be hit or miss. The one I downloaded is free and it's called Sudoku 2. It gives you various options for the boards and numbers, has a hint system, scores and times you and makes you earn your way up from easy mode to expert. I don't think you'll ever run out of puzzles with this game, either. I've put hours into it and haven't gotten any kind of notification that I'm out of games. Right now, I've got mine set up like in the picture here with a chalkboard look to it.

Another good thing about this app is it lets you go into notes mode (that's the little pencil-looking thing under the puzzle) and write as many numbers as you want into each square to keep tabs on the possibilities. Once a particular number is ruled out of a particular square, it'll disappear from your notes so you can't get confused. On top of that, you can click on any number in normal play mode to highlight each of the same value on the board, which makes things a whole lot easier overall. Finally, once you've put down all nine of any particular number down on the board, it'll disappear from your option line at the bottom. I can't imagine why this isn't a pay to play app -- it has everything and so much more.

That's what I played while I was abroad! I have more new iOS games I'll be looking at soon, namely the tie-ins to Wreck-It Ralph since I finally got around to seeing the movie recently, and some other stuff like Writer Rumble and Hasbro's My Little Pony.