Friday Things: Apocalypse Edition

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[Before you say anything.... no... I don't truly believe it's the apocalypse today!

I've got loads of links as usual, and it looks like this might be the last one until next year after January 6th! So I'll make it extra rad. Huzzah!

As for updates: I've got some new gigs! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about it all yet or wait until I'm officially on the front page, so I'll just leave it at that. One of them is book-related, so it's nice to see that diving into book blogging has paid off. The other is games-related, which is pretty rad, and also kind of new for me. I'm looking forward to everything, and 2013 is shaping up to be a totally awesome year already. Of course, I couldn't have done it without all the rad stuff that happened in 2012.

The other update is I've added my awesome and fantastic site logo/banner to the top of the page! I'd held off on it a bit, but I think it was time for a bit of sprucing up around here. My GeekeryDo logo is designed by Jonathan Tubbs, who I used to work with at Tomopop. He's on to bigger and better things now, including designing awesome stuff.

Since this post is a bit longer than usual with updates, I'm actually putting it below the cut! Click below to see my full link dump for this week, and the last link dump for 2012!]

On Books, Authors, and so on and so forth:

Neil Gaiman is done book touring after his next big one! He'll still be doing events like readings and stuff with Amanda, but he won't be doing actual book signing tours. Sad times!

There've been many papercraft book sculptures making the rounds lately, but out of all of them, the one which impressed me the most was this Snow White-inspired 360-degree piece. You could also check out Yusuke Ono's (creator) site directly. They're basically small books that open up into these beautiful 360-degree, immersive landscapes.

On Disney:

Gaming blogs are all a-buzz about Disney's new thing called Infinity. It's being described as a sandbox-type game in which Pixar and Disney characters will all be able to interact. If you ask me, I kinda just want Pixar-themed worlds in Kingdom Hearts, but it's a start. For now, things are trickling in little by little.

New game for iOS! Where's My Holiday? features not only the lovable Swampy from Where's My Water?, but also Perry the Platypus who has his own game, Where's My Perry?. It's free for now. Do it.

Besides Where's My Holiday? there's another new game out for iOS featuring a Disney property called Monsters Inc. Run. It's developed by Get Set and currently in the App Store. The Verge also ran a great feature titled How Disney makes licensed mobile games that don't suck. I'd say that Disney has "made it" in terms of mobile gaming. They're all winners.

On Photography:

This thing looks genius. It's called "Look Lock" and it's meant to attract the attention of whatever toddler you're trying to photograph. It's basically an arm that goes over your camera and you can attach a smartphone to it.

PhotoJojo, as usual, comes up with some of the best Photography-related DIY projects out there. For the holidays, they put up a guide to making bows with 35mm film to decorate your gifts with. It's an awesome idea.




I spotted these over at The Mary Sue. Isabel Talsma has made beautiful silhouette portraits with the figures of famous icons, like Alice and the White Rabbit, or Sherlock and Watson, or even Sally with Jack Skellington. Then I went and checked out Isabel's site proper, and saw that she's got tons of art, not just these fabulous silhouettes. The entire gallery is worth checking out -- she's one talented artist.

"Anthropologists are among the lowest paid and least respected scientists in the United States" (le sigh)

Also spotted at The Mary Sue, it appears someone managed to get an upskirt shot of Anne Hathaway, and instead of being a decent human being, the photographer sold it. Anne's response to the incident was smooth and savvy.

[That's it for this week! Once I have published work at the places I've accepted offers from, I'll be adding them to the sidebar. I'm very excited about this!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday or non-holiday you do or don't celebrate. New Year, too. Have a great New Year! See you on the other side.]