Friday Things: 12/14

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[We're getting closer... and closer... to Christmas! Whee!]

On The Hobbit:

Since that's kind of the big thing this weekend, The Hobbit gets its own section!

We'll kick it off with some pretty art, titled "Back to Rivendell" by Eunjung June Kim, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

The Nerdist got to interview the cast and crew of The Hobbit! It's pretty rad, so check it out.

Someone made a Hobbit House. It's adorable.

The Green Dragon Pub, originally part of a set for the previous movies, is a real place that you can go to and drink at. When are we going to New Zealand?

If you're into merch, there's plenty of stuff you can buy, like Funko Pop! vinyl figures, action figures, LEGO sets and more. All for The Hobbit.

On Disney:

The first stills and such for Frozen have been revealed! While I am enjoying the premise so far (despite it seeming a bit like Tangled), I still don't like the one-word title thing. Anyway, it'll probably be fun to watch.

TouchArcade has a nice little round-up thingy on Disney's latest iOS gaming news and upcoming title announcements. The only thing they missed is that for a limited time, the full edition of Where's My Water? is free (click through here for full details and the voucher).

Disney is moving forward with their in-Park tech and making it so you could follow a particular account on Twitter to get live updates and info about the Park you're visiting that day. You could also use it to ask staff questions and I'm sure that they'll host special stuff via Twitter as well for attendees. I'm hoping it's successful and well-maintained enough that it'll come over to WDW, because it sure looks useful.




I like it when artists whose work I like post tutorials and helpful tips on creating, too. Especially since it's a hobby I've put on hold for a while, I can probably use all the help I can get to re-learn all these things. Kuitstuku on Deviant Art has a great Photoshop lineart and coloring tutorial here.

PetaPixel has a lovely article up regarding the whole age vs experience thing, and how a 15 year old girl takes wonderful pictures but has to deal with ageism in the field. I couldn't agree more with many of her points, and I can relate. I've experienced what it's like to be questioned way too much about my decisions by sales people or not given the best service because I was perceived to be too young. I've walked to take-out counters and, on more than one occasion, been ignored until an older person who walked in after I did was served. Nobody should ever be devalued as a client because of their age.

[That's all for this week...

A note for the holidays! I'll definitely be posting up another Friday Things next week, but after Christmas my schedule is always dodgy until after the New Year. I'll also be attending MAGfest that first weekend of January, so I won't be home until Jan. 6 or 7th or so. Sorry in advance if I don't make it! I'll make sure to make some more fan art for you guys to tide you over. :) ]