Friday Things: 12/07

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[Heya! This week kind of flew by since I kept myself busy. There has been some exciting stuff going on in the world of the internet though, so here's this week's link dump.]

On Disney (and theirs):

The Hawkeye Initiative has to be one of the best online movements I've been around to witness, ever. It's all about swapping women in comic illustrations with Hawkeye trying to achieve the same positions and whatnot. Check it out and enjoy the laughs. Read the commentary, too -- there's some deep thinking in there.

Disney is back on Netflix! Not only are we going to enjoy all their releases on (pay for) demand, but Netflix doesn't plan on raising their prices. Aces.

Mr John Stokes reported on some awesome Star Wars watercolor art by David Kraig. The gallery looks great and I wish I could have all of these hanging on my wall.

Holiday idea! Also Star Wars related... Death Star ice cube tray. It's a sphere, so you'll get a perfectly shaped Death Star each time.

Disney officially had their New Fantasyland opening this week, and that included a flying dragon. With fire and everything. I wish I had been there!


On Film and TV:

If you're tired of the usual star, angel or whatever else you always perch up at the top of your tree, this might be the year for something bigger. Better. Scarier. DIY Weeping Angel tree topper.

Apparently, Pan's Labyrinth is on its way to becoming a musical. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I enjoyed the movie, so maybe it'll make for some good drama? Considering a show like Les Mis is getting so much acclaim when it's actually quite sad, it isn't too far-fetched.



Check out the most beautiful evening shots of Earth from space ever created. I am still in complete awe - can't get enough of them.

Leigh Alexander writes about marketing for games in this Gamasutra editorial titled, "Marketers, start caring about video games, please." She discusses the total disregard and ignorance that marketers seem to have when they advertise video games to us, the gamers (and the general public at large).

[That's it for this week! Enjoy some reading. Are you ready for the holidays?]