'Chaos on Deponia': a guide of sorts

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Just as with the first installment of the Deponia games, of which there might be... three? I don't know, it was hinted in some dialogue. Anyway, check out my little guide below. It isn't the most extensive thing out there, but it should help you get through the game if you're stuck. Thanks for reading!

Note: this guide assumes that you chat with all denizens and pick up all items.

Part 1: Introduction

This section is mostly cutscenes, in which you get a short review of the first game and go through some dialogue that gets you used to the new game mechanics (which are the same as before). Pretty much everything you do here should be obvious (led through conversation) and each action will lead to the next.

The only real tip I've got for this section is during pre-launch when Doc falls over on the guillotine: Have Rufus kick the pan to grab the knife, then use the knife on the firework over his head for gunpowder. Hit the pan again once the gunpowder lands in it, and that'll lead you through the rest of this first section.

Part 2: Floating Black Market

I loved that there are map shortcuts in this island so you don't have to go zone after zone to get to places. After you learn that Doc needs you, just look at the map outside to get to his shop.

In Doc's spare parts shop, after some banter and failed fetch attempts with the robo-dog, combine the stick with duct tape and then use it on the lamp. Try the stick on the dog again and you'll be able to get by.


Once you're done with Doc and exit, the two weirdos that talk to you from the side make a "three-headed platypus" reference. Monkey Island fans?

Separating the three main tasks to get the three Goals to listen to you is tricky. Here's the breakdown:

Baby Goal

- she wants to join the resistance.

The way in is beating Marcus at rock, paper, scissors. The lead-in to that is getting "in" with the underground (Wink, Nod, and Donna). You'll need the glasses from the gadget shop (use them with the shredder so the shop bot lets you take them out) to get inside the underground's hideout, as well as the sword fish from the tavern (grab it when the lights are out). Once inside the hideout, do what Wink said -- "shave" Donna's cat after messing with the radio. Once that's over, you'll meet Donna herself as well as a shark tank. Give the right responses (you have to give up), and she'll let you go. You can then travel in and out of the hideout freely and grab Wink's tournament fingers, challenge Marcus, and get the secret knock.

Rock, paper, scissors game:

This one's easy. Play rock until he's out of fingers, then use paper to win.

After that, turn off your background music, go into the back alley (access from Marketplace), and do the knock. You can turn the music back on after that. You'll have another step at the door after, and have to manipulate the dude into showing you the other knock. When you're in, it's time to meet the resistance and gain their favor.

When doing the slideshow presentation, make sure to pick all the line options that lack certain sounds, particularly "sh," so Janosh can pronounce them without making Rufus crack up. Once you gain their confidence, you've gotten Baby Goal's support.

Spunky Goal

- she puts up a fight.

Spunky Goal is a pain in the butt, and after talking to Bozo you learn that sometimes all it takes is saying the right words. He talks about his Bambina (that's the scary woman at the weapon's shop), and Rufus convinces Bozo to go visit her. When you go, they get interrupted by the Gondolier and she kicks Bozo out. You need to get the Gondolier out of the way.

The Gondolier has an airbag in the Gondola. If you kick his bumper, it goes off, and he leaves for a little while. If you're interested in a bonus achievement, kick the bumper over and over again (you'll have to zone between kicks so he returns with a new airbag) until you ding for endurance. Otherwise, what you need to do is switch around the music sheets. Go to the tavern and select the Junk Crab song, then shut off the lights outside. When you go back in, open up the jukebox area to steal the sheet music from the dwarf, and swap that with the Gondolier's sheet while he's away.

Bonus achievement:

If you're masochistic enough, you can get another achievement here by having Bozo try and talk to Bambina a bunch of times, and listen to the Gondolier's music over and over again. I lost count how many times I failed that section enough to get an achievement for it.

The next time he sings that song in front of Bozo and Bambina, a bunch of junk crabs will go from the dark alley up to a pipe nearby her front door. Close the valve to trap them, then go to the Pharmacist (Marketplace) to turn the pipe diverter. They'll go to the new airbag crate in front of Doc's Workshop. Hit the Gondolier's bumper again so he takes the new crate, then go back to Bambina's to see his final show. Hear Bozo's line, and go feed it to Goal. After a Street Fighter-esque mini-game, she'll be on your side (should you win).

Lady Goal

- she wants to be treated to a nice dinner.

The nice dinner for Goal is up in the nice area of town, access from Marketplace. You can't get in right away as there's a Fine Nose guarding the gate. Get past it with a bowl of peanuts from the tavern.

To your left there's a zone for the platypus club and a restaurant with a take-out window (funny enough, there's a Cthulhu running the restaurant). To the right there's a gardening patch, Seagull's house and the poet's house below his. Hit up Seagull first, and after you exhaust all conversation possibilities pick up all the memos he leaves (examine the fish bowl, window, flowers, books, etc. - everything you can click on in his office), and anything else you can pick up.

If you haven't, hit up the restaurant and play the mini-game at the take-out menu. You need to get your order down to a fortune cookie + no extra charge. You need the fortune cookie to nab a free membership to the platypus club and get a book. Examine the entire book for instructions on hatching platypus eggs.

Platypus egg hatching:

Flying Platypus: In the restaurant terrace area, go upstairs and use the crank on the line to grab the egg. Go up to the mast area above Seagull's house (access from inside his house) and turn the sock into a slingshot (you'll need the thread and hook, vacuum and sword fish). When you're done, steal the wind sock.

Water Platypus: The egg is next to the Gondolier's area. If you haven't gotten the tiger fish, you do so by showing the fisherman the sword fish, then giving him an anchovy as bait. Take the tiger fish over to Doc's Workshop and dunk it in the paint bucket, then go inside the next room to bring it back to life, sort of. Then quickly take it to the fish tank at Seagull's.

Earth Platypus: Bury the egg in a bucket with dirt. Stick the bucket in Doc's freezer (click the button to turn it on and off, then freeze the newly hatched platypus). Use the spade to get the platypus out.

Fire Platypus: Light the candle, use coal in the furnace in front of Doc's Workshop and light it on fire. There's a skippable mini-game that follows, but it isn't too tough. Just get the egg down to the furnace.

You'll have to make sure all the eggs are in their proper nests so the adults come back to guard their newborns, and you've resolved the issue.


Seagull asks for a poem. If you've exhausted all the dialogue with the platypus club dude by the restaurant, by the end of your conversation with Crane the Poet, he should call you hopeless and just give Rufus a bug so he can be prompted when the time comes. Rufus is stood up, and now it's time to sabotage Seagull.

Go to Seagull's office and see a memo for a radio. Go gank Crane's radio and learn that Seagull is being prompted. Give the radio to the platypus guy and let him have it.

Lady Goal is yours. For now.

Back at Doc's Workshop:

This part's a no-brainer. When it's time to use the electrodes, use the crowbar. When Rufus is waiting for the clock, shake the actual clock next to the electrodes. You'll actually get the crucial information for the game here when Lady Goal betrays you.

Part 3: Balls To The Wall

North Pole:

Go outside and grab the hose as well as some snow piled on the ground. Go back inside and use the snow with the cup of hot tea so Rufus can drink it. He'll go outside to pee and then you can grab the torch.

Porta Fisco: Talk to Goon and exhaust the conversation with him. There's a bonus achievement if you let Goon and Rufus beatbox. You can also light the torch on fire next to him. Go into the tent and chat with the Seer, then steal his bananas. You'll also need lottery numbers, so grab Baby Goal, get her inside, and at the opportune moment switch it to Spunky Goal and piss her off by asking three questions. Make one of them about money so she chokes out the Seer about lottery numbers. Before leaving, light the tires on fire (in the ??? area) and grab one.

Briefly return to North Pole and look up at the stars to get the lottery numbers. You don't need to write them down or anything -- Rufus will remember them.

Point the cutter to the Floating Black Market and after a cutscene, try to enter the gadget shop. You can't, because the door is locked. Examine the cat and the food bowl. You can try a few things, but it won't eat anything you have. Talk to Goal a bit. Talk to the fisherman and steal some bait. Also ask him to fish you up a boot. He'll eventually "end the conversation" when Rufus says he'll stay there waiting. Your cursor will come back and you'll have the opportunity to move away. Don't. Stay there while Goal whines that she's cold until the fisherman gives up and gives you a shoe.

Back to Porta Fisco. Give Goon the boot in return for the broken umbrella. Go into the tunnel next to him to get to the resistance hideout. After all the conversations and such there, go examine the wading pool with the baby dolphins. This is the worst and most pointless part of the whole game - hang up the fiery tire over at the service window and place the bait there to get the dolphins to jump through. They'll come back as canned cat food. Also pick up the empty canister and the now empty wading pool.

Bonus achievement:

piss off Toni by giving her too many commands, and she will legitimately kill you. You'll have to restart the conversation as if it'd never happened afterward or quit altogether.

Head on back to the Floating Black Market. Put the cat food out so Rufus could observe the existence of a cat flap. Get Goal to break in for you. When you get inside, use the lotto machine and banana straightener. Once you get a winning lotto ticket, point it at shop-o-mat for the prize.

Isla Watchit: Use the bananas on the exhaust on the generator to make it spill. Use the canister, get the Captain Planet achievement, then go back to Porta Fisco.

Go back to the hideout area and use the power inverter in the old turbine then fuel it from the canister. Get it going and it'll send a stink into the hideout. Go inside and take all of their little tree air fresheners.

Back at Isla Watchit: Talk to Baby Goal (zone to the right to get to the platform and radio tower) and exhaust the conversation, particularly the bit where she talks about thunder hazards. Put the wading pool on the plateau, dump water in it, then ask Goal to stand there. Hand her the umbrella and the air fresheners, and finally, give her the winning lotto ticket. The fixed receiver (if you haven't done this step, you can have Doc fix it) can now be put up on the tower without Rufus being struck by lightning.

Finally, go back to Porta Fisco to the hideout and entertain the dolphins. Go to the back and put the straight banana by the sewage pipe.

Open the lock (back behind Toni) and then goad the dolphins through the pipe. Outside, fit them with the torpedo equipment. Go back to the cutter and use the radar to play the mini-game.

Cutter/Submarine: Grab the dive suit from inside the locker, hook it and get inside. When you're lowered, you'll see the mad dolphins. Grab the two pieces of hose and go back out of the water. Put the two pieces of hose together and attach one end to the tap, the other to the suit. Fill the suit. It's going to be a decoy, and you still need an imprint of Rufus' face. Open the lamp outside and take the candle.

Go inside and put the candle in the pot, then grab the pot. Go outside (make sure Spunky Goal is on), and ring the bell. Rufus will hide behind the door every time. The third time, she'll slam the door on him so hard his face will be imprinted. Use the wax to make a model and stick it in the helmet, then get Bozo to lower the decoy. That done with, go back down and through the hatch underwater.

Part 4: Work Overtime

The only thing you have to worry about here is the transporter puzzle. Everything else kind of leads into the next thing. You're almost done.

Take the right-most transporter first (with the fly in it) to get in the blast tower. Move (as a fly) all the way to the right side and use that transporter. You'll end up back by Doc.

Use the rightmost transporter again and Rufus will return to the blast tower as himself so you can talk to Janosh. Next, go upstairs and take that transporter to turn Rufus into a frog back by Doc. Have the frog eat the fly.

Transport back to the blast tower to turn human again, take the lower transporter back to the outside, then take the left-most transporter back to the blast tower so you're finally up on the platform and can take the ladder up.

After a cutscene, go into the bomb control room and grab things out of Cletus' bag. He's got Donna's remote and a few cartridges. Go outside and try to reason with Goal to no avail. Go back inside. Switch the cartridges and turn Donna on. It'll be Spunky Goal. Have her try to reason with Lady Goal. They tell you to go deal with Cletus. Go back inside and get to the controls.

During the conversation with Cletus, have Rufus mess with the controls again. When everyone's wrestling outside, the object is to get Spunky Donna Goal on top and have her steal Lady Goal's remote to turn her off. Achieve this by talking to her a few times. There's a bonus achievement to be had here for punching Cletus repeatedly in the face . After this whole bit is over, you're done.

Congratulations, you've beat Chaos on Deponia!