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As a part of the blog tour for Ann T. Bugg's Off to Camp and Discovering Art, I was able to sign up for an interview with the author! She was awesome enough to answer 10 questions from me, and talks about her love of all things fantasy and fairy tales.

If you've read her books in the Before Happily Ever After Series, you'll notice that she definitely injects a lot of her own life into the life of her characters. It's been fun learning more about the author and knowing that she writes from the heart.

1) Starting with the easy one: briefly describe yourself and your work.

I guess you could say I am someone that just refuses to grow up. I will watch any fairy tale story at any given time. (I've put them on when I'm home alone because I get tired of nagging for company to watch them with me!) I guess writing these books helps keep my foot in the door & a way to give my favorite stories a different twist and something else new for me to "watch" so to speak.

2) You seem to be a number 1 fan of all things magical and fable. Were you always into these stories (Snow White and others), or did you grow to love them later in life?

I've always loved princess stories at a child but it wasn't until I had my daughter that I became more "obsessive" about them. When I was young, you maybe had 1 book with a story and waited all year for a show to come on the TV. Now, you can find several different versions of everything in book, cartoons, DVD & all kinds of toys. My daughter went through a Barbie phase. She was happy with one - I had to buy everything imaginable in the set. She was over things long before I was. I have a dedicated curio cabinet for Wizard of Oz toys that stared off as hers for a birthday party but have grown into my collectibles. I also started a Polly Pocket collection (the tiny ones) of all the princess castles. They have never been hers to play with - just my "I have to have this!"

3) If you could meet any *one* fable/fairy tale princess, who would it be?

Belle. Beauty & the Beast is one of my favorite movies. Not that there isn't perfection in Cinderella & Snow White, etc, but that is just one story I don't think I'd ever touch. Maybe it's her love of books that draws us together. LOL

4) What would be your advice to all the little girls out there who want to be a princess?

Never give up your dream! We are all princesses in our own right. One day you will one-up that dream & be queen of your own castle as well!

5) The idea of kiddos going through a portal into the world of fairy tales seems a little bit like the magician's wardrobe. Are you a Narnia fan?

I have heard that one other time. It's funny that it didn't even occur to me. I guess my mind was so on Snow White & the wicked step mother and her mirrors that my mind didn't even go there. It's just how I thought they'd get there. When we bought our house, the barn was a disaster. It just seemed like something that would have happened, finding that mirror out there.. To answer your question, my third grade teacher read that to us & I did love the story. I bought the set years later for my daughter but I have never read past the first book. It's a goal when time permits. I'll get to them someday.

6) When did you have that "a-ha!" moment; that feeling that you just knew your calling was to write these stories?

The reaction from my daughter was the, "Oh yeah, these must be written." She's always been a big reader, so I trusted her judgement. I was worried with all the personal touches that maybe they would just be meant for family, but when I had teenagers and 60 year old women love them as well, I thought maybe there was something to them after all. I really didn't expect it to go past the middle grade audience, but I love a new fairy tale twist & guess I'm not alone.

7) What is your favorite fairy tale film or animated adaptation?

The mini-series 10th Kingdom is my favorite. I love the incorporation of then & now and all the characters. My new love is the series Once Upon a Time. A little darker, but again I love how everyone comes together and the twists the stories take.

8) What is your favorite place in the whole world?

No surprise - Disneyland.

9) If you could have a super power or some sort of fairy magic, what would you want it to be?

I live to visit family & friends. If I could pop over at the snap of a finger or a jaunt through a mirror - that would be the power I'd want.

10) What kind of music do you write to (if at all)?

I need total silence when I write. I'm hopeless about singing along with lyrics. I'd never get anything done! I know there are instrumental versions, but I'd still sing along. I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I can not hear a song for 20 years and still remember every word. I have people walk into my office & say, "It's like a morgue in here!" My reply, "No, it isn't. At a morgue I'm sure there is nice classical music playing."

Thanks for the interview!

Happy Reading!

Thanks again to Ann T. Bugg for taking time out of her schedule to chat with me! If you haven't, please do check out my review of her recently released book based on the story of King Arthur!