Friday Things: 11/02

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[Another week gone by! Actually, I might have Friday Things for next week, but after that I won't be back with it until Thanksgiving weekend. That's because I'll be out on a road trip with my brother! Seeing the sights! I'll definitely be posting pictures of that later on when I'm back, so look forward to it. For now though, let's see what I thought was cool this week.]

On Books:

Best Christmas Tree! One day, I'll try and replicate this.

Did you grow up on R.L. Stine's books? Check out this video in which he talks about the key (four) elements of a spooky story. Also, The New York Magazine asked him 21 questions. Great interview!

It's November, meaning it's time to think about gifts for your families and friends for Christmas! I've got a link in my sidebar to my Amazon Wishlist if any of you dear readers are feeling generous, too. Plenty of books that I'd love to add to my TBR pile!



On Disney:

You probably have already heard by now that Disney purchased Lucasfilm. In case you haven't heard though, George Lucas is turning that money around and putting most of it towards education. In terms of the acquisition, I think it's awesome. I'm personally very excited to see what Disney will do with Star Wars, and I'm glad to here there'll be an Episode VII in 2015. What Lucas is doing with the money is also fantastic and noteworthy. It makes me happy to see these things, though I wish it were more widely reported. Unfortunately, this came at a weird time during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, so not everyone picked up on it. The Nerdist also has some additional information here regarding the comics and other stuff on the future of Star Wars.

Wreck-It Ralph is out! Go watch it! And if you have an iOS device, you can download the game.

I went to WDW last weekend and got to attend Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as well as EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival. Some of my pictures are here. While I was at the Magic Kingdom, I was actually able to preview New Fantasyland - and that is double awesome. I was able to ride Ariel's Under the Sea ride, check out Gaston's Tavern, preview the new Ariel's Grotto and walk around Mickey's Storybook Circus. Basically, I only missed out on seeing the inside of the new Be Our Guest experience and of course, the Mine Cart ride that isn't even set to open for a long time. It's all beautiful! I can't wait for the full opening when everything is all set.




Lindsey Stirling uploaded a new music video for Halloween! It's brilliant, as her work always tends to be.

This Buddhist monk might be the happiest man on Earth, and he's more than happy to team up with SCIENCE to prove it.

I'm going to MAGfest! Are you?

My October-themed contest on Tomopop has closed, but I'm giving away adorable Pygmies from Pocket Gods figures for the next week! Check that out here.

[See you next time, whether it's next week or on the 23rd!]