Thoughts On: 'Dial H' #5

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[Warning: this brief post isn't entirely spoiler-free!]

Dial H team:
Writing: China Mieville
Art: Mateus Santolouco
Colors: Tanya and Richard Horie
Letters: Steve Wands
Asst. Editor: Gregory Lockhard
Editor: Karen Berger
Cover: Brian Bolland (Might I mention, I love Brian's covers, even if he does make Nels look much less fat than Mateus) 

Dial H Issue #4 left some unanswered questions and a bit of a mess of the villains, so I was hoping to get some more information with Issue #5. Thankfully, though a little slapdash, things do finally come together here. I learned everything and nothing about Abyss, and I got to see the unlikely team-up between Nels and the crazy person who messed things up to begin with. More importantly, a clear problem was introduced to continue the story: someone is after the Dials, and now between Nels and Manteau, there is just one.

Speaking of Manteau, there was a change in the art landscape this issue because she wasn't wearing her mask and cape most of the time. I got to see how the artists work with older people, and they really made her look ancient and worn out.

I should note that Comic Book Resources makes a great point in mentioning that since we learned what the repercussions of dialing could be via Issue #0, it presents the possibility that there will be other characters coming after Nels and Manteau for the very same reasons. It didn't even occur to me until I read their review.

I'm glad that this Abyss thing is done with and that we can move on to a new story arc. I was a little bit lost, and the pacing is so fast that it'll take some getting used to. I'm still loving it, though. I especially love the designs of each dialed hero. Some of those are just crazy, starting with the hula-hoop rooster thing that Nels dialed in this latest issue. I can't wait to see more designs!