Kristina and comics: a history

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Since I'm finally digging into my growing pile of comics, and writing about them, I figured it was about time for some background information. (full disclosure)

I buy my comics from a local shop around the corner from my house. It's been there for ages and my dad, who used to read comics, would to take me to it when I was little to pick up some books as a reward for good grades. So, in a month, I might grab a few Wonder Woman, Sonic & Knuckles, Superman and other books (I found some Beauty and the Beast books in an old box some time ago) at random. I enjoyed reading them, and I watched the TV shows, all that jazz.

By the time I got into high school though, I stopped reading western comics and started picking up manga instead. I picked up stuff like Chobits and whatever else was hot at the time. Up through college, I hardly read any comics about my favorite superheros -- just the ones about cute anime characters from Japan that read "backwards." In terms of western stuff, I only read the big-time comics, stuff I'd missed or stuff that'd been adapted to animation.

After college, I read a few non-manga titles, like the Farscape books that come after the end of the series, Darkwing Duck and some Mega Man. In terms of actually reviewing comics and having a wealth of knowledge of them and all that -- I can't say I'm an expert. I've missed a lot, and when the New 52 reboot happened, I decided it was high time I became a regular subscriber again. So I picked up a bunch of titles right from the beginning. I also picked up the first new volume of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I also dropped a few titles from my subscriptions, namely the New 52 Catwoman. Live and learn, right?

So basically, the point is, the only comics reviewing I've been doing has been limited to some manga reviews I've written up for Japanator, and I've no experience whatsoever writing about western comics. I'm going to keep writing about them, and I'm learning as much as I can in the process. I'm writing this little disclosure post just so everyone knows I'm "new" despite being a lifelong fan. I'm also doing it so you all know I'm openly taking criticism, recommendations, and anything else in the way of feedback you'd have for me.

I started with Dial H. Next is Batgirl, then Wonder Woman. Other books I've picked up include Batman, The Dark Knight, Batwoman and Penguin. I picked up a few assorted issues of Green Lantern Corps and Aquaman as well, but haven't decided how far I'll go with them. The store owner also suggested I read Swamp Thing. On the Marvel side, I started reading the New Ultimate Spider-Man, which I enjoy, and added Hawkeye to my subscriptions so I'll be receiving those soon. Finally, I've got the Sandman vol. 1 graphic novel as well as Batman Chronicles vol. 1, Dresden Files comics and Fables vol. 1. This is one hefty, hefty pile.

In a way, considering there are so many anthologies and collections out there with the more relevant and popular comics, it probably won't be that difficult for me to become well-read over time. Thanks for reading, and I hope to become as well-informed in writing about comics as I'm trying to be in writing about regular books!