Friday Things: 10/26

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[Welcome back! It's another Friday, so time for another weekend. Yay! Before that though, check out some links to things you might have missed. It's all good stuff.]

On Books:

John Scalzi wrote his thoughts down regarding the Humble eBook Bundle. He's got some great insight on why the bundle was so successful as well as some additional insight on authors participating in bundles like this.

Greg Zimmerman has the Do's and Don's of author events and signings over at Book Riot. It's a handy list that seems mostly common sense, but considering he feels the list needs to be up there, folks need to be reminded.

On Art:

One of my favorite artists to follow is Amy Mebberson, and she was at NYCC this year with some cool prints. I wasn't able to attend, and my friend wasn't able to snag any for me either. One of the prints was of the Disney Princesses as Time Lords, and when she ran out, she ended up doing lots of sketches for fans. Here's a look at some of the cuteness.

Thanks to the Art of Animation blog, I discover new artists and beautiful artwork all the time. This week, I was wowed by David Despau's work, particularly his DC Comics illustrations for the "Darkness and Light" Art Exhibit. All of his work is beautiful, though.

These Halloween doodles by Podgy Panda are adorable! I need all of them. 

I also thought I'd drop this piece in here by Eunjung June Kim regarding intense fear of needles. I can't say I'm as scared as the little girl in the picture, but I definitely dread any doctor or lab appointment that involves needles!

 On Games:

Polygon has finally, officially opened up their new home on the net! Visit their page here. I expect good things from that crew.

This past weekend I went to Orlando for some events, including Halloween Horror Nights. Of course, while I was there I hit up the Silent Hill haunted house -- and it was awesome. The ambient creepiness really worked out there! In case you want to take some of that creepiness home though, and can't make it to the event at Universal Studios, there is now a statue you can buy of the Silent Hill Nurse. Seriously.

On Photography:

Have you seen those awesome underwater pictures of dogs and wondered how they're made? PetaPixel has the scoop on that, and as it turns out the photographer (Seth Casteel) has a book based on these images called Underwater Dogs.

Uh oh, a new iOS photo app for me to try out is now out in the wild! This one's called "Frank Said What" and it basically takes any image you feed it, fires it off to... somewhere... and then it comes back captioned. It's free! (via PhotoJojo)

Bonus Awesome:

A Tennessee children's hospital gets an extra treat. The window washers dress up as super heroes. More hospitals need to sign on to these sort of touches!

[That's it for this week. Man, it's always such a pain to catch up on work after being gone for a few days! I don't know what I'm going to do when I go out of town with my brother in November for a few weeks... maybe I'll just clear my inbox and start fresh.]