Friday Things: 10/05

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[Woo, Friday! 

IThis month I'm taking off to Virginia and later on to Orlando. Next month I'll be going on a big road trip to see many of our nation's state parks and then in December I'll probably be taking off for the end of the year. That means I'll have plenty of new pictures and stories to share, so I hope you'll check it out. 

Enough about me. Time for links!]

On movies and TV:

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Tinkerbell movie Secret of the Wings, so here's a link to an extended sneak peek. The movie hits shelves Oct. 23.

I went to see Frankenweenie on Wednesday with an early screening pass and I must say it's a very cute movie. It isn't scary, really, and Burton manages to drop in plenty of homage to old horror and monster movies at every turn; not to mention little Disney gems like making the movie theater at the New Holland town square with a marquee showing "Bambi." It's got a cheesy ending, but overall is a nice little film and only 87 minutes long. If you want to learn more, check out Nerdist's discussion with Martin Landau and John August. There's some great stuff therein, and there's a nice chunk in there about the science teacher character in the movie. They talked about him being a good teacher that ends up getting a bad rap/fired, etc, which is absolutely true, but they failed to mention that the mouth animation of the teacher is utterly mesmerizing.

I used to love watching Pushing Daisies when it aired the first time. I thought it was so cute! And then it had to get canceled as all good things do. Good news, though: While the show might not come back to TV, it might hit the stage and come back in the form of a live performance. Hype?

On games:

Ben Kuchera of PA Report dug deep on the case of review scores and their effect on sales. The bottom line is that reviews do affect game sales, however powerful branding could counteract bad reviews at times as with the case of the recently released Resident Evil 6. This is a good read.

The Zelda Project is a beautiful thing that exists. Go to this site and check out the photos. They take my breath away~



On Books and stuff:

Book Riot ran an open letter to Bridget Jones -- "You are not fat." I've been waiting for something like this for ages!

I'm thinking of joining this Christmas Books Giveaway hop. The only problem is, I'll have to think of what actual books I'll be giving out, so do you have any ideas? Obviously, it needs to be Christmas-themed or -related.


PetaPixel posted this awesome infographic on ISO, aperture and shutter speed (exposure guide originally from reddit). If you've read all the guides you can handle on how these things work and still don't quite understand it, a visual representation of the values might help you best. Check it out.

New Piano Guys video! Do I need to say more? Yeah, actually, I do... it's that dumb One Direction song. But... it's The Piano Guys!

[That's it for this week! I've been kind of busy since I've been inundated with review assignments for both Tomopop and Japanator. On the toy side, I've already gotten one of my reviews published (Harley Quinn statue - she's awesome) and have about seven more to do in the next couple weeks. On the Japanator side I'm getting a Bunny Drop review up and still have to do two more. Lots to do this weekend...]