Friday Things: 09/28

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[It's Friday! Yay! 

This week, I've read more from  Life of Pi. I'm actually almost done, so you'll see my thoughts on it here, soon. I definitely wanted to read it before the movie, so there's that. I've also started reading Dial H (comics). I've only read issues #1 and #0 so far, and it's... interesting! I haven't decided yet whether I love it or not. After Dial H I expect I'll be hitting up Batgirl

Now, back to our regular programming]

On game-related things:

Ben Kuchera spoke with a Prima ex-employee about strategy guides. I remember those days of games coming with a phone number on the sleeve for you to call for tips! I don't recall ever going that route though, precisely for the reason he stated: it cost money (money that my parents didn't want to spend). I would instead have to hunt for friends who had played the game and get tips from them. Anywho, it's an interesting read about how Prima got started, what the ex-employee learned about the business, and where it's going now.

Fan of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game? If you happen to go to Disney World for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, you can grab a new card while supplies last. It's cute, and features Chip and Dale.

Where My Water? Is one of my favorite mobile games. If you don't play it, it's worth it to download the free version, and if you have it downloaded, you could now (for a limited time) grab a free download of 10 new levels based on upcoming Frankenweenie (trailer here). On top of that, Disney has some announcements regarding new merchandise and even a show featuring Swampy.

Check out the latest PSN store update, which includes the slashing of DLC prices on FFXIII-2  things. I'm particular interested in buying some new fights and costumes for my crew here, so yay! Check this link for a full list of stuff that is free, discounted, new, all that.

On books and words:

There's a neato article on Book Riot titled "How Many Words Have You Killed Today?" which discusses how language has changed due to whatever diction you get from Wordpress or auto-correct, or simply by the creation of newer, hipper words on the internet.

It's Banned Books time! Here's a cool contest to look at. Hop around over 100 blogs in your quest to win free books. The full list is at that link. What are your favorite banned books? I recently learned that titles like Coraline, James and the Giant Peach, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and others are actually on the list of no-nos. Imagine that...

If you're a fan of J.K. Rowling, you probably already know that her latest book The Casual Vacancy is now out on shelves. What you might not have seen though, is this nifty interview The New Yorker did with her. It's fully published online for your reading pleasure.

Billy Connolly has been cast in The Hobbit, and in an interview with Vulture he reveals that he isn't much of a fan of the source material, going as far as calling Tolkien "unreadable." It's an interesting read, and I have to give it to him for being upfront about the whole thing. Everyone is entitled to enjoy or dislike something, and I like how he goes into the super fanatics.


Someone posted an image of a Sikh lady in an attempt to ridicule her for having facial hair and all that, and something amazing happened. She replied back on Reddit with a beautiful response as to why she looks the way she does and how she feels about it, and then something even more amazing happened:  the original posting Redditor made a new entry and apologized publicly for being a jerk.

Meet Geena Davis (you might recall her from Beetlejuice, Thelma & Louise, or A League of Their Own). There's a great compilation from an interview with her about gender inequalities over at Oh No They Didn't, and she touches upon older shows like I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched, in which the women have powers and the men spend more time trying to suppress them (the women) from using them (their powers) than anything else. She also mentions that gender inequality in film hasn't changed much since the 40s -- the ratio is usually 4 (men) to 1 (women). There's a lot more to read than that though, so hop on over if you're interested. (via The Mary Sue)

There's an awesome photoset circulating called World's Best Father by Dave Engledow. The pictures are hilarious father and daughter pictures, and if you like them you could contribute to this Kickstarter and pre-order a calendar. At the time of writing, there are 6 days left to contribute and the pledge has to be $25 or above. (via PetaPixel)

[That's it for this week. Have an awesome weekend! Oh, and by the way, we finally, FINALLY changed ISPs! I now have steady, dependable internet connectivity at home with which to blog with... woo!]