Friday Things: 09/21

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['m still having issues with my internet connection at home. As a result, I've been playing more games! I think I've clocked in at least 35 hours into FFXIII-2 for one thing, and I've been playing other iOS games and reading Life of Pi. In other news, life is good.

This week, I've got the usual link dump for you all:]

On gaming-related things:

The Humble Bundle is at it again! Check out Humble Indie Bundle 6 and pay what you want for awesome games.

Bonus Humble Bundle round: free music and more (Ubiktune Bundle: seven chiptunes albums for $1 - 5 more days at the time of writing).

I reviewed Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of the Sexy Planet for iOS on Japanator. Check it out (shameless self-promotion, I know). It's rather cute, and it's free.

On movie things:

I'm impressed and pleased to learn that for the upcoming Les Mis, the audio track isn't pre-recorded and lip-synched or anything. It's actually recorded live with the film. Like I needed another reason to go support the film in theaters.

Enjoy the Pixar Shorts? Volume 2 is coming out for on Blu-ray on November 13. It even includes La Luna, which was the short that came up before Brave this year. As a side note, I was a guest on Chaos Theater podcast for a discussion on all Pixar films and shorts, as well as a segment on a separate episode for Brave.


I've just received Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores, and it turns out author Jen Campbell is working on a sequel! I'm ridiculously excited for it.


Jon Shireman has been photographing flowers, then soaking them in liquid nitrogen and smashing them for an "after" shot. The images are beautiful, really. Check out Broken Flowers here.

We've got two contests running on Tomopop right now. First is our monthly contest sponsored by HobbyLink Japan: a photography contest with the theme "blue" this time. You could win some cool figures (three+ winners)! The second contest is for upcoming iOS game Hungry Shark Evolution. You could win a copy of the game and/or a plush. Three winners!

[That's it for this week. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!]