Friday Things: 09/14

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[Another Friday! Yay! 

My blog has been pretty quiet this week because I haven't been connected at home. Today, we're supposed to have a whole new set-up installed at home with a new ISP though, so hopefully I won't have issues any more. Not for a while, anyway. 

Even so, I managed to get this in for today. Because I love you.]

On Disney: 

New Wreck-It-Ralph Trailer! Yes, I am very excited. November 2 can't come soon enough!

New iOS game: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. It's supposed to be $2.99 and it's Universal, but today, just today, it's free. It's worth a download. I'll give it a try and report back soon.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5? Yes, apparently. There aren't too many details attached to this news yet, though; just that it's supposed to begin filming in November. Do we need a fifth Pirates movie?

Be Our Guest is opening up soon over at the Magic Kingdom. Since it's a French restaurant, Disney has made the decision to include French beer and wine, and some Belgian beers in order to enhance the experience. It's got some people pretty upset, for reasons I can't fathom. Yes, The Magic Kingdom has always been a "dry" park, but a lot of other Disney Parks serve alcohol (Disneyland Paris, WDW's EPCOT Center, Blizzard Beach, and more). Also, you can only get it at this one, pricey restaurant and you need to sit down and have it with dinner. I don't forsee any Drunk Guest issues at the Parks, but hey. Some people, they just like to complain and cause trouble for no particular reason.

On books and authors and things:

I haven't seen a cool bookshelf like this in a little while. I'd lose so much time just standing there rearranging them.

Wired has a great interview on their page with William Gibson. Among other things, he talks about how great it is that sci-fi writers are usually wrong and why it's a good thing. I have to agree, it's great that some of the crazy stuff we read about doesn't exist.


I was alerted to this via my buddy Sal on Twitter. Apparently someone's going to try and make animations of all the Pokémon. Good luck!

These Harry Potter pillows are awesome! Here's the shop where you can view more items by the same crafty person, Kim Gadbois. Seriously rockin'.

[That's it for this week! Pretty Disney-heavy, eh? Last week I was pretty iOS-heavy on the updates. 

Speaking of iOS, I went on a game-downloading spree recently, so I'll probably do a few round-ups soon of various titles I've been trying out. This includes a game I'm looking at for Japanator by Image Epoch - the Black Rock Shooting game where you get to explore the Sexy Planet.]