Double Whammy: Enrique Iglesias with Jennifer Lopez

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This weekend I was able to attend a double-headline show at downtown Miami's American Airlines Arena featuring Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez. They weren't sold out, and Miami was the end of their tour, which normally wouldn't bode well at all. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Enrique's show blew me away. I'd never seen him live despite being a fan since before he broke through in the U.S., and I hadn't expected to see someone perform who interacted so much with the crowd. He took every opportunity he got to jump off the stage and spread some hugs and high-fives. He brought two people up on the stage with him. He had big bouncing balloons dropped on the audience. Overall his show was fun.

Enrique's charisma took him a long way, and you can tell that he is used to dealing with fans of all kinds. I also learned there is a documentary type thing about him (here's a link to a fan video of the trailer from the tour) regarding his career and all that. From what I can gather, he's had a tough time dealing with fans. I'm not too surprised, all things considered.

As for Jennifer Lopez, this wasn't my first time seeing her live. I got a chance to see her tour together with her ex husband Marc Anthony, and she was pregnant at the time, so her performance was kind of limited. I don't really think much of her as an artist or singer, but as a dancer and performer she is amazing (as I learned this weekend). The Marc Anthony portion of the show, being in Miami and all, was the big highlight for everyone. The last time I'd seen JLo, everyone was in astonished silence watching the pregnant woman bounce around on stage singing her old songs from the 90's.

This time around, she had a couple newer songs that are currently on the radio, and of course her older songs, which she supplemented with guest appearances by the likes of LL Cool J and others. More importantly, she looks amazing and spent her entire portion of the show dancing her butt off.

JLo's show had some themes to it. First it was Jazz/Broadway, then Boxer/Bronx, an interlude with FLO-rida, a Desi Arnaz-style dance club and then her encore - love/fairy tale style ensemble. The themes punctuated her music rather well, and she had a costume change with each one. Thank goodness, because she looked naked with the first outfit she came out in...

Enrique standing on a smaller stage in the back

Enrique and Lopez touring together worked out well for everyone involved. Both of them have a nice arsenal of music they made popular a long time ago, and due to breaks don't have too much in the way of "current" music. I'd say Enrique has been a bit busier, musically, than JLo since she's been doing stuff for TV, raising kids and more in the meantime, so rather than both of them touring separately, they co-headlined and did two shorter shows in one night. It was perfect for the both of them and I'm glad with the way it all turned out.

I would see Enrique again, all that said. JLo is missable, despite being a good performer; and honestly, I was more disappointed that Pitbull didn't make an appearance than anything else with her portion of the show. I think she needed it - the guests were the right kind of highlights for her performance.

All images taken with my handy iPhone utilizing the Hipstamatic and Camera Awesome apps. I didn't get too many images of JLo because the lighting made it near impossible, not to mention with her dancing the entire time I couldn't get any good shots that didn't include a blown-out blur in the middle of it.

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