Adventures in Gunpla: SD 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

PlamoKristina PinoComment

I figured it was about time I built another Gundam model, so I picked out 00 Gundam Seven Sword as my next piece.

Since I had already built the SD Stargazer Gundam, thanks to an enabling friend, it took me much less time and effort to put little Seven Sword together. I put the main body together in one sitting, and made the weapons later on during a second sitting. I've found that this is perfect craft material for when I'm recording a podcast or something, because it keeps my hands busy doing something relatively quiet. Otherwise, I spend the podcast staring at my computer screen and trying to avoid typing things with my loud keyboard.

I tried to take a few more in-progress shots this time around, but since I was excited to keep going with the building, I rushed and botched that. Blurry shots -- yay! I did grab this image of the separate body pieces lying next to each other before I made the legs and put this little guy together.

Once he was all finished up, I made his weapons but ran into a pretty major problem - I couldn't store them all on his own body because my kit varies a bit from the instructions I got. He came with two GN Catars, two GN Sword II Shots, two Beam Sabers, a huge GN Buster Sword, and a GN sword II Blaster. He also came with parts for a shield, but I couldn't really make out how it was I should put it together, so I skipped it and instead put all the weapons together (except the Beam Sabers) to make one huge mega weapon. It's pretty rad, though the Gundam can hardly handle the weight (see image below).

If my kit had come with the correct leg parts, I would have been able to store the Catars there, then the Sword II Shots at his hip, the Buster Sword on one arm and the GN Sword II Blaster on the other. The shield would go on his back and he could be hanging on to his Beam Sabers. This wasn't the case, but I'm not really complaining since I still enjoy the current look.

I'll go back and take some better shots later on, and probably even pose him together with Stargazer Gundam! Now that I've got two of these little guys put together, I'm seriously considering buying little bases or stages for them so I can have 'em in action poses rather than just standing on my shelf.

I'll also be putting up another update here once I get through both of the kits with my microns for the panel lines. I keep forgetting to do it, but when I go back to draw them on to Stargazer Gundam I'll run them over 00 Gundam Seven Sword, too.

What should my next kit be? I actually don't have another one on standby yet. I've got a few listed on my Amazon wishlist (it's all jumbled in there with all the other stuff I've got on the list, so sorry if you've got a lot to sift through to get to the gunpla), though I haven't decided which I should pick up. I'm also open to doing non-SD kits like an MG Dynames or something.

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