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We've reached the end of the line! Or have we? It seems like just another episode to me, and not quite a season finale to be honest. This is neither a good nor bad thing, but it kind of stinks that we've got a year to wait before we can see what happens next.

Last week's episode left us with Pam, Sam, Jessica and Luna locked up in the Authority, Sookie and the fairies confronted by Russell after their elder was bested, Andy with his own fairy problem, and Alcide hanging out with his father Jackson.

"Save Yourself."

Alcide and Jackson:

When Martha comes rushing in with Alcide's friend on a blood overdose, they decide it's time to confront the rough Packmaster once and for all. With help, they storm in and get rid of him so quick he didn't know what hit him, and Alcide assumed the role of their leader. He's getting them all off the V, which is great news for them.


Right when Andy's about to try and tell Holly about what's happened with the fairy, she goes into labor. She gives birth to a litter of four and walks right out of it, leaving them in Andy's care. 'ho boy, that is not going to go down well.

For one thing, Andy doesn't know much about fairies at all. What if one or more of them exhibit powers? Maybe he'll seek out Sookie for help, and hopefully Holly will stick around. I think they're great together, and I'd hate to see them grow apart over this supernatural stuff. Holly would understand somewhat.

(side note: dang, Bodehouse lost some weight! She looked great this week, even if she was a drunky butt. She must also be participating in the cast and crew-wide weight loss effort.)

Luna and Sam:

After a quick no-go with Bill, Sam turns into a mosquito and explores a while, before roping Luna into an escape plan: have her change into Rev. Newlin and simply walk out. It worked, just not exactly as planned, and the last chancellor (besides Salome) bit the dust at Sam's hands. For all intents and purposes, it would appear they have escaped safely (sort of) with Emma.

Luna had a good moment there in front of the camera and tried to issue a warning to whoever was viewing the news. Afterward though, she got sick and the question remains whether she'll survive another skin-walking incident.


After being blasted by the elder fairy, Jason seems to be messed in the head even more than usual. He's seeing his parents and listening to their anti-vampire sentiments (which are all in his head), and his new goal is to just kill as many of them as possible. He even pushed Jessica away at the very moment she ran to hug him and tell him "I love you." While on the one hand, it's great that his big priority is to keep Sookie safe and protect his family, he's going about it the crazy way. I'm not sure what's going to happen there, but for now he seems to be cooperating with the "good" vampires -- Pam, Eric, Nora, Jessica, Tara.

Pam and Tara:

In a "surprise!" moment, when Tara shows up with Sookie to spring her and Jessica out of the holding cells, they embrace and make out right then and there. Even Jessica reacted with a big "I knew it!" I'm happy for them, personally. Tara has shown that she has her eye on survival, but her plan just worked out a little better than Pam's.

I'm also happy to see that Eric has welcomed Tara completely. Since Pam is his progeny, he regards Tara as family as well. It showed in the dialogue earlier before their raid, when he tells Tara to be nice to Nora, who is also family.


I wished for it last week, and we got it: Eric went back for Sookie first and foremost because he felt her fear. He offed Russell (woo, one problem solved!) and made sure Nora wouldn't eat her before moving on to the next order of business. We already knew that Eric still harbored love feelings for Sookie even after being "dumped," so there's nothing out of left field, here.

Eric then comes to Sookie to plead for help saving Bill. Since he's gone off the deep end and won't listen to anyone, Eric and a grudging Tara appeal to her mentioning that Jessica and Pam's lives are also on the line. I still feel kind of weird about the whole aggression with Tara. Considering she's begun embracing her vampire-hood, she should really just lighten up. If it weren't for Sookie... well, she wouldn't have made out with Pam. I guess? Maybe next season things will work out a bit better for their relationship.

Finally, there's this one issue I noticed while the fairies were trying to blast Russell, and it's that Sookie seemed to be having issues with her magic. It might be that she's finally running out of light and turning into a full-on human. This might become another big issue next season, because she might decide that she enjoys being a fairy after all. 


After getting rid of Salome, Bill is encountered by Eric and Sookie who try to talk him out of drinking the old blood. Despite it all, Bill declares the same things that writers and staff have been explaining about Bill in interviews the past several weeks -- he's always felt bad about being a vampire, he's always feared retribution, he's never had anything to believe in until now. He's so far gone there's just no getting him back. And right there, in front of a heartbroken Sookie and shattered Eric, he chugs the whole vial and turns into a puddle of blood.

They think he's died, but then he rises out of the blood a-la Lilith. Suffice it to say, Bill is no longer the person he was. It's too bad his name isn't too biblical or awe-inspiring, eh?

Eric and Sookie, naturally, run like hell before they cut to credits.

I have no idea how to feel about this as a finale. If anything, it felt a bit like a penultimate episode, yeah? The only storyline that closed today is Alcide and Jackson's. It felt like rather than solving any issues, they just piled more of them on. Yeah, Russell is gone, but now Bill is on the rampage. Yeah, Andy sorted out getting some facts to Holly about the fairy, but now he's got four kids and several witnesses. Jason is on a vampire-killing spree, hallucinating his parents and angry at the world, and who knows what else is lurking around the corner. Sookie is running out of magic and still hasn't figured out what vampire she needs to kill to break her family's contract.

"Save Yourself" is an exciting episode of True Blood. One of the most exciting we've seen, and I know I had a few "NO WAY" out-loud moments while watching, but is it a good finale when the season ends with a bigger problem than it began with?

 Extra stuff:

Check out this week's Insider at HBO with Alan Ball and director Michael Lehman on the True Blood Season 5 finale and where things are going. They talk about how the two big things for next season are
Warlow and Bill. Is Jason going to get Warlow, and where is Bill going with this crazy turn in his existence?

Jessica's blog updated with a supposed camera phone video of her lamenting being stuck in a cell over at The Authority with Pam. They talk a little bit about love and regrets, until Pam tells her to can it.