Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

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There is just one episode left and I think that this week's was probably the best of the season. Now we wait to see how any of the current catastrophic issues will be somehow resolved.

Last week, we left off with Bill going crazier and even nabbing Jessica, Tara killing the Sheriff, Russell going fairy-hunting, Luna and Sam sneaking into the Authority and finally, Sookie trying to figure out what the next step is for her now that she knows some other vampire supposedly owns the rights to her.

The case of the Authority Vampires:

After Jessica escapes some guards (saving Jason) and goes to Pam for safety, she learns that Bill's changes reflect nest behavior. We see this throughout the rest of the episode when various members all hallucinate the same image of Lilith telling them they are the chosen one, but Bill thinks it can only be him. He even slaughters one of his fellow Chancellors in his strong belief that only he will be the one.

Unfortunately, Jessica's escape attempt fails about the same time that Pam allows herself to be taken away for Tara's crime of killing the Sheriff. I think while she had some desire to protect Tara, she also wanted to go to where she might see Eric. Unfortunately, there's some dramatic irony here because we see that Eric and Nora manage to escape and fly away. My hopes are that Eric will go looking for Sookie next to try and protect her from Russell (and later, Warlo), though there is a chance that he and Nora are actually going to do something constructive in the way of banding other vampires together against the now-crazed Authority.

Russell Edgington:

Russell takes off with Newlin looking for Sookie. They encounter Jason, who leads them right to the fairy safehouse where they are then challenged by the elder fairy. I have no idea why this didn't work the right way. Honestly, she should have been able to handle Russell. I'm not sure how or why her magic missed and zapped Jason by mistake (who is probably just fine), and now she's dead. Whether he's absorbed some fairy magic into his body by eating her or by dying her spell on the safehouse has gone away, he can now see the rest of them at the entrance of the club huddled together with Sookie at front and center. The next thing here will be the all-out battle between the fairies and Russell, with the exception of the one pregnant fairy who went back for Andy's protection.

The Shifters:

Sam and Luna have infiltrated the Authority and managed to find Emma. They were caught though, and Sam asked to go see Bill while Luna was locked up. When Sam passes by Pam in the hallway as she's being dragged in, one of the better interchanges of the season happened, too.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to Sam. In the preview for next week, Bill drops a line like, "you shouldn't have come here." Though earlier in the episode he assures Jessica that the humans they know at Bon Temps are nothing but food, the dialogue suggests that he does kind of not want to eat the humans he knows. My assumption is that Sam will be alright, though I have no idea how Luna and Emma will get out of that mess. I have no idea how Pam will be escaping, either. There was an interview a while back where Jessica talks about the season finale and filming it. She describes the set as "buckets" of blood. 'ho boy.


Alcide had stayed with his father for a while and they built a silver fence around his trailer to try and fend off the new vampires after a warning from a pack wolf. Alcide can't stand sitting around and doing nothing though, and he goes out to shoot down the rampant babies. At the end of the episode, his father predictably steps up and joins him. From here out, I think that Jackson is going to go challenge the Pack Master. If Alan Ball plans to go the book route, Jackson may fail due to the opponent cheating. And we know he's been on vampire blood.

Maybe I should have structured my recaps in this way all along, with subtitles? It seems so much more organized and condensed! While a lot did happen in this episode, I didn't need as many words as usual to get it all across.

Extra Goodies:

Jessica updated her blog during her brief stay at Fangtasia with some text about Pam's "halfway house" comment.

The Hollywood Reporter has a great article up with after chatting with Joe Manganiello and Kristen Bauer van Straten about their characters and the Season 5 finale.

HBO's insider video on this week's episode titled Sunset featuring Alan Ball and writer Angela Robinson talking mostly about Bill's change. The way they put it, Bill has always been good toward humanity and ashamed of being a vampire, and now has been presented with something to believe in, even though it seems to be either really messed up or a total hallucination.

Next week's episode preview (season finale!)