Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

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So, is Bill crazy or does he have some secret plan to take the Authority down?

Last week, he thwarted Eric's escape plans while Sookie, trying to figure out more about Warlow the vampire got tangled up in the hate group mess with Bud Dearborne. That was resolved, while new problems presented themselves for Pam and Tara - a new sheriff is in town and he doesn't care about mainstreaming. Then, of course, we've got the issue of Emma being abducted.

"Gone, Gone, Gone." 

It looks like Sookie's story line is finally going to re-converge with the vampires' now that Russell has brought up his dream of day-walking again. He announces that they need to find some fairies, and figure out how to mass-produce their blood so vampires don't have to stay in during the day time. Salome shoots back saying that fairies are an abomination and vampires are of the night. It doesn't sit too well with Russell, who busts out with the German (or something) accent and angrily takes off to pursue his dream.

Eric and Bill exchange some bewildered glances at this, with Jessica behind them wondering what the hell she's doing in the room. I'm sure their assumption is that Russell is going to target Sookie first, which presents  a whole new catch-22 for them, considering the circumstances. For Jessica, between worrying about Sookie and whether she'll live to see another night, she's now presented with the very same demented oppression she hated so much in her human life because of her bible-thumping parents.

I was kind of sad about what happened with Eric and Nora. When Godric appeared to them, I thought he would, you know, stay on Eric's side and try to plead with Nora. But then Lilith comes out and slaughters him, and Eric re-interprets the scene as being freed from worshiping a "false god" which was his Maker. I'm not really sure how much of this whole thing he's bought - it might just be despair talking.

Now Sam and Luna are on the scene, too. They've made it inside the Authority by stowing away in Rev. Newlin's bag in hopes to find Emma. Emma appears to be safe and sound, missing her mom, and apparently not allowed to turn into a human. I was surprised with Newlin's mean-side showing in that scene, because I assumed he'd be either indifferent towards Emma or just try and be soothing. Instead, he's treating her exactly like a pet dog that needs to be disciplined. I'm sure Luna is fuming as she watches this as a cute little white mouse.

Back to Sookie, after killing the coroner she has a visit from Jason about Hoyt and Jessica. Hoyt asked Jessica to glamour her and Jason out of his life so he can go away happy. It's probably a good thing that he's getting out of Bon Temps, but that scene definitely stung a little. Jessica's monologue was a tear-jerker. Sookie feels bad of course, and later in the episode they have a nice little brother-sister moment in Jason's cruiser. Personally, I didn't like that Hoyt wanted the easy way out of losing his first love by having her make him forget. Everyone else has to deal with the pain - it's a normal life experience for most. But Hoyt decided he wants to live on like it never happened. Meanwhile, Jason lost his best friend completely, and Jessica does have to live with the pain of loving then losing her first love, fully knowing that he's going to experience "first love" later in life (provided he survives) with somebody else. (More on this at Jessica's blog)

Besides that bit, Jason and Sookie visit the fairies again to decipher a new note that they found under Sookie's floor boards. Eventually, an older fairy decodes it: Sookie's ancestor signed away his first fae-bearing female descendant to Warlow the vampire. Of course, as it turns out Sookie's the first one. We don't have any more details on this mess, though I'm sure Sookie's going to want to kill him. Then again, she's been "given away" in this binding contract. Then again, Claudine tried to prevent Warlow from harming her. Then again, we have no context for the agreement in the first place, just that one was made. That's three too many "then agains," and we still have no answers.

We saw no hair nor hide of the werewolves or the Bellefleurs except for some brief and tender fluff between Holly and Andy, enjoying some special Lafayette-made chow at Merlotte's. My other favorite fluff moment was Sam defending Jessica earlier in the episode before he takes off with Luna to find Emma.

By far one of the better moments of this season though, happened over at Fangtasia. The new sheriff isn't pleased with the low profits and starts telling Pam that not only do she and Tara have to create 30 new babies, but he wants them to suck more money out of their customers by offering fang service. Pam outright refuses, and he threatens to take her bar as well as her progeny Tara. When Tara confronts her about this, Pam simply states she "rides with the wind," and her bar is nothing but walls of plaster. Tara isn't satisfied, though. She employs Cindy's help to assassinate the new sheriff and boldly declares nobody messes with their house. Balls, Tara. You've got some huge balls.

That's it for this week, and with two episodes left I'm looking forward to some loaded stuff next time. For now, I've got the usual links: the preview for next week's episode, and the insider look with writer Alexander Woo and director Scott Winant. I really wonder, after this all-out war scenario, how the show will continue after this season?