Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 9

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As HBO kindly reminded us at the end of this week's episode of True Blood, there are only three episodes left in the season. I'm kind of glad, because this whole week-to-week thing kills me.

Last week, we left off with Hoyt being nabbed after saving Jessica, Luna escaping "certain death" by turning back into herself, and Sookie looking for answers. The vampires have their own load of problems, and Terry was given the ultimatum to kill Patrick.

This week, a few more questions were answered, a couple of problems were resolved, and a couple of new, big ones rolled in. With only three episodes left, I guess the cast and crew have their work cut out for them.

The big "wow" surprise this week is that Bud Dearborne turned out to be a big bad neo-KKK member who hates all supernatural beings. He wasn't the true "dragon" of the group, but he did contribute greatly to the destruction the "Obamas" caused around the area. We always knew that Bud had some major problems with vampires, but not that it ran this far - to the point that he hunted them down to kill them in defense of human kind.

Thanks to Andy, Jason, Sam and Luna, that particular group was disassembled. At the very least, they were quieted for now. What Sam and Luna don't know is that Luna's baby Emma has just been stolen away by Russell Edgington and New Steve Newlin; snatched right out of Martha's hands when she declined Russell's blood. It was the one big tear-jerky moment of the episode, because we know that Martha would do anything for the pup, and we know it's going to kill Luna (on the inside) when she finds out what's just happened.

Keeping with the vampires, Eric has talked to Bill about escaping the compound. Bill is confused - or at least, he acts like it. He doesn't know what to believe, and he seems to like the idea of going with Lilith because it's something he experienced. When the plan gets rolling though, and Eric fulfills his part, he's betrayed - thwarted by Bill, who saw Lilith again after drinking from Salome (after a quick flash of Sookie).

Sookie, who went to Bud seeking answers about her parents' deaths, was met with a knock in the back of her head by the Dragon woman and taken away to be drugged and eaten by pigs along with Hoyt. Thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned crew, she was saved along with Hoyt, but no sooner than she gets home, showers and turns on the TV, a new problem shows up on her doorstep. Her fairy relatives come to tell her that vampires themselves are behind the "attacks" on the True Blood facilities.

Normally, I would believe this to be a malicious visit - especially considering what happened with the fairies in the novels - however Gran did have one quick line as channeled through Lafayette expressing she's glad the fairies are taking care of Sookie. Even so, while she was looking through the box under her bed, I half-expected her to find something that looks like a compact and start up a whole new mystery based on the novels' Cluviel d'Or.

Lafayette seems to be over what happened in Mexico, and he no longer plays a part in Terry's timeline, so I don't know if there's anything else he'll be bothered with this season unless Tara asks for his help. There's a small possibility she'll go to him for shelter depending on how things work out at Fangtasia.

Pam's nightclub has been taken over by a new sheriff, who has declared the new rules: drinking in public is A-OK. She takes Eric's throne and tosses her aside. The two things I know for sure, are that Pam won't take that sitting down, but at the same time - neither she nor Tara intend to do anything that'd get them killed.

Terry finally went and killed Patrick. After involving Arlene, Patrick pulled the last straw for Terry, who after seeing the dead Iraqi woman again shot him dead. The ifrit manifested once more to steal away his body, and their troubles are gone. It's nice to be done with that storyline (and Lafayette's), because we need the screen time for the uprising that is to come. It's also nice to see that Arlene was 100% with Terry on this, stood by him and even stabbed Patrick in Terry's defense.

I'm sure that Sookie isn't going to hole up at home and wait for vampires to eat her. I'm also sure that Pam and Tara won't just sit at Fangtasia and see it burn down to the ground. Finally, we know that Sam and Luna are tossing in based on the fact that Emma has been abducted.

The only person who doesn't have a stake in this, except for his possible desire to protect Sookie, or regain control of the pack, is Alcide. He might join in, just to get the vampire problem out of the way and resolve the local issues in a fair manner - unlike last episode.

As usual, there's some extra material to enjoy thanks to HBO's True Blood sites. First, there's the trailer for next week, which is thankfully more informative than the "3 days left" video that came up at the end of episode nine. A few things stuck out there, like Eric might end up dead-dead, Luna is double-pissed, and Pam's plan for survival is to go where the winds take her.

The episode insider is back (I guess they couldn't get Moyer to chat with the audience last week?) with some thoughts from Raelle Tucker (writer) and Dan Attias (director). The highlights here include: Crazy Sweetie Des Arts (the Dragon woman) and how much fun Raelle had writing her, the drama that Dan loved to direct this week with Ryan playing Jason, and then of course, the heavy decision which was made by Bill to betray Eric, which Raelle explains is viewed by Bill as "saving" Eric's soul.

Finally, we've got Jessica's blog entry for the week. For someone who just cried to Jason about how it'd be her fault if anything happens to Hoyt and all that business, she seems to be doing... alright? Her post this week is about keeping entertained while she's meant to stay indoors.

That's it for this week. I'm looking forward to next week's episode full of angry people and hopefully some good drama.