I'm ready to wreck your castles

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A few days ago, I published a quick little list of the iOS games I'm enjoying more than others right now. The Big Big Castle! is on there, and I mentioned I'd had some issues connecting with friends to destroy their own in-game creations. This puzzling puzzlement got the attention of both Ron Gilbert and Clayton Kauzlaric, co-creators of the game (much to my surprise, believe me).

After a few days of troubleshooting, my issue was resolved by completely wiping and restoring my iPad. A buddy of mine suggests my Game Center app must have had some corrupt files. "It happens." I'm just glad there was a simple solution to my problem, and that I didn't have to go visit an island with cannibals in it to get things working right.

That was the boring part.

For the fun part, go on:

I promise it's fun. It involves castles and fire.

Gaze in wonder at the splendor of Ron Gilbert's finest, tallest castle-like building. See that flaming cannon ball over to the left, sailing straight toward his beautiful creation? That's me. It's my last fiery cannonball, too...

Here's his castle meeting its doom. There's even a dead peasant floating up to meet the choir invisible. You can see it if you look really hard.

This is what will happen to you, too, if you add me on Game Center (ID: Chiiana) and download The Big Big Castle! for iPad (it's free, just do it already). You could destroy my finest, tallest castles, too. It's fun to watch them crumble to pieces.