Friday Things: 08/31

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[Woo-hoo, it's a long weekend! For me, anyway. 

So, another week has gone by. I just finished reading Uncontrollable for the blog tour, but you won't see anything here until Spt. 6 when it's my turn. That day, I'm also going to be giving away a copy of the book, but the contest has to start and end on the same day -- so, keep an eye out for it! I enjoyed the book. 

See below for the usual link dump:]

On travel and photography:

This is pretty cool... a couple decided to take a two year trip all over the place taking all their wedding pictures along the way. So, wherever they went, they sought out the wedding practice of the locals and took pictures doing it. It's pretty sweet!

Chris Christensen wrote a quick guide on 6 Internet Travel Planning Tools, and I was surprised to find out that Pinterest is actually pretty good for that stuff. People make boards for places they want to visit, and pin pictures, articles and info to keep it focused. I'm actually interested in this and might sign up for Pinterest soon just for that.

Spotted via Boing Boing, Alexander Semenov dives and takes some great underwater shots. Check out his site and the various galleries in there. Especially the underwater images of jellyfish.

Disney and film-related:

John Scalzi published a list of all the Pixar films in rank from best to least best. It's a nice list and got some great comments, but one of them struck me - someone commented with her own list based on which ones had made her cry. It got me thinking! I might go ahead and run my own lists of animated films which have made me cry, and films that aren't animated that make me cry.

Mental Floss recently shared a quick tidbit on why Dalmations are linked to firefighters. When I think of Dalmations, I usually think back on the 101 Dalmations movie and how there aren't any children in it, and eventually how I'd been told they aren't good dogs for kids. I'd also heard they were kind of dumb, and easy to coax into burning buildings, but never did look into it further (and these aren't necessarily facts). According to Mental Floss, it's really because they made amazing horse guard dogs and displayed the ability to bond with the horses they took care of. Interesting!

Disney Store online (and regular store) is having a big sale, and on top of that, you can take another 25% off this weekend for Labor Day (until Monday). Woo!

Other stuff:

There has to be a cheaper way to keep your bike safe from thieves....

Apparently tonight, as in Friday night, there's a blue moon! Here's some more information from PopSci (there won't be another like tonight until 2015).

Now this is a Batman headband I would wear. I'm not usually into the sparkle stuff, but this is too cute. It would go perfectly with other pieces of Batman jewelry and clothing I own. (via Fashionably Geek)

[Thanks for reading! I won't be going out of town or anything this weekend, but I hope you all have a fun Labor Day! I'll just be chilling poolside or something, catching some rays.]