Friday Things: 08/24

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[Man, this has been an all-too-restful week. I had my surgery thing, and everything turned out fine, but since I was super uncomfortable the first few days, I stayed in. The internet has also been down at my parents' house, so I've spent a lot of time... reading, and watching movies, and napping. 

The good news is, it's Friday, and I'm at work (sneaking in this post!), and apparently I'm going to see a Burlesque tonight.]

On video games:

I can't believe we're still on this, but then again, American politicians are arguing about women's rights like it's the turn of the century. The female staff at Gizmodo speak out against the sexism in our nerdy culture. I stuck this in video games just because it's such a prevalent issue despite the vocal movement to scale it down. I don't tend to get involved in this kind of stuff, though it does affect me personally since, you know, I'm female. Anyway, I'm sharing the link because it's a good article, even though it's annoying that it has to be said in the first place.

Another reason why I shared the above link is because she touches upon issues that we (bloggers) deal with all the time, and that is when readers don't agree with your opinions, you're clearly wrong, or a bad person, or something. I've gotten ridiculous amounts of hate in comments sections for simple things like my dislike of NG Evangelion. Really, guys? I can't even express the fact that I don't like the show without being called "unprofessional" and someone even going so far as demanding a "public apology" from the website? If I dislike any Evangelion figures, it's "unwarranted hate?" It's a cartoon. It's a show on TV with characters that don't exist. And I don't have to accept all artwork and 3D renditions of its characters just because you (the angry reader) love the show. I'm a blogger. I have opinions. The problem with this is some readers tend to think that insulting or disliking something they like is somehow like offending them personally. It isn't. Get over yourself.

You can wash that nasty taste out of your mouth with this rad Tidus (FFX) cosplay.

Disney talks a little bit about their mobile games. Honestly, the only one of their games I play is Where's My Water? I love it, and even the free version is well worth playing because it doesn't bombard you with ads or IAP nonsense. Disney has a great model for mobile gaming if they plan on doing this for all of their titles.

On books and comics:

Again coming from the Bad Ass Dad column on Daily What?: DC Comics' Karl Kesel adopted a baby that needs rehab (the parents were on drugs and the baby was exposed in the womb). So he's selling off a ton of his comic collection to pay for it. Here's a more in-depth account of how everything went down. It's definitely heartwarming.

The guys at Cookies n' Cream spotted a free mini library at NYC built into a phone booth. I love that more of these are cropping up everywhere. Check out the Department of Urban Betterment project page for more!

On words and grammar:

This is my kind of tee (or totebag).... "Good Grammar is Sexy."

New words have been added to the Oxford Dictionary Online. Words like "ridic," "lolz," and even "vote someone/something off the island." I'd say it's a bit late on that last one, but it's cool to see new words in the "official" archives.


If you ask me who my favorite companion is in the current Doctor Who series, I'll probably say Donna. Echoed in some other articles that've cropped up about this video, it was great to have one that wasn't trying to get in his pants. Rory is some stiff competition, though.

Bill Nye speaks out: parents, don't force Creationism on your kiddos. Science is good for them!

[That's it for this week. Looks like I dumped a little mini-rant in there, too! I had to control myself a little, because it could probably make for a full-blown article all by itself. I'm not one to complain too much, though, so that probably won't happen for a while. I get that, generally, being positive is the way to go, that the most important asset you can have online is your positive attitude. And I completely agree. But dang, every now and then, I think it's OK to mention you don't like things.]