Friday Things: 08/17

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[This week was pretty much a doctors week for me. Saw my physician and dentist, and everything seems just fine. Next week's going to suck, though. I've got a minor surgical procedure scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Enough about me, though. It's time for my weekly link dump!]

On Photography:

Someone saw the Perseid meteor shower last weekend and took lots of pictures. And then put all the pictures together. It looks surreal.

I love using the Hipstamatic App, but with Instagram dominating the field it looks like there were a few layoffs. It's always sad hearing about these things, especially when it's a fun tool that I enjoy using. For now, it looks like they're still profitable and safe, but Hipstamatic has been reduced to a small team of five.

Scott Bourne shared a nice tutorial for Lightroom 4 users and working with mixed light in their images (trying to correct it). It's a video, so be sure you've got your speakers on.

File this under "Shameless Self-Promotion," but I did post some pictures to Snapitude this week of the Lighthouse at Bill Baggs National Park. It's my favorite beach in South Florida.

On Movies and TV:

Another week, another cool thing ParaNorman-related to link you to. This time, it's an interview with live-action directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell.

If you're around my age, you might remember Disney's One Saturday Morning cartoons, like Recess and the new Doug (though personally I remember Disney Afternoon much more clearly). Marshal Knight of The Disney Blog (fan blog) talks about the time slot, and what happened to it, and argues it should come back.

Into Doctor Who? Since the show has gotten so popular among geeks, and especially the crafty kind, there is never any shortage of cool things you can buy or learn to make in order to share your love for it. The latest, spotted at Neatorama are these custom made Doctor Who cookie cutters. Technically, these are old news if you consider the dates listed on the flickr page, but I still think they're cool. Maybe I should try my hand at making something similar? Dalek cookies would be awesome.

Here's the best shirt I've seen all week: Dexter's Lab meets Breaking Bad. It's $20, but only comes in the universal tee style (The one drawback. Where are the babydolls/girly tees?).


This guy was just hanging out at a cafe, and encountered none other than Russell Kirsch. It's pretty bad-ass.

[That's it for this week. Right now, I'm reading Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark and loving it! It seriously gives me the chills. I get the feeling I'll end up reading the rest of the series. In the next few days I'll have my review up. I'm not sure which book I'll read next, though. My backlog is daunting now...]