Friday Things: 08/10

Kristina PinoComment
[It's a rainy day, which just makes me feel like lazing about reading books and relaxing.]

On photography:

Scott Kelby recently went to Ireland. He got some nice shots as usual, but his most recent blog post is about more than that. He talks about failing to meet expectations and fighting with the weather, as well as shooting around the family trip schedule.

PetaPixel shared this beautiful image of a man and his dog along with the context of the image. Man's best friend is sick and has trouble sleeping, so the owner takes him into Lake Superior for pain-free dozing while a friend (Stonehouse Photography) shoots the picture. It's magical.

On the internet:

People who don't use Google+ love to talk on and on about how Google+ is a "ghost town" and nobody uses it. Except people do use it, and it is especially wonderful if you're into photography or like to share images. I had gotten lazy and stopped using it for a while, but then I found the G+ app for iPhone and all my problems have gone away. The app is golden. If you have an iPhone, you should download it.

During and following the Mars landing, "Mohawk Guy" became a bit of an internet sensation. Here's a cool article on LA Times about the man behind the mohawk. (via Guy Kawasaki on G+)

On amazing parents:

This was one mom's response to her daughter saying "I hate you!" for the first time. It's a "Hate Cake." I need to file that one away in case I ever have a kid.

When his daughter graduated, dad gave her a Dr Seuss book in which he'd been collecting notes from all her teachers since Kindergarten. It's pretty sweet. Another one I'll have to file away for later.

As a wedding gift, one mom gave her son a collection of all the random things she'd found in his pockets while doing laundry when he was a kid. So thoughtful! Especially the part where she puts it in a lamp so he can use it as a decoration.


Gotye published a music video for his song "Save Me." It's pretty weird, as you can expect. But it's cool.

Grammar Dalek made it on to a tee! I might buy this. Hehe.

[As always, remember that I take suggestions for these link dumps. Have a great weekend!]