Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episosde 6

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Alright, so I was definitely a bit disappointed with last week's episode, especially with the "cliffhangers." Thankfully, things are definitely looking up!

We left off last time with Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide encountering Russell (with some help from Doug). Beyond that, things are looking fishy with Salome, Nora is going crazy, Jason is learning new things about his past, and Sam and Luna have been hunted down by supe-haters. Oh, right, and Terry is being hunted by an ifrit and Lafayette is looking to his ex (Jesus) for help with his current situation.

This week?

beware for spoilers (including the kind that come from my book knowledge)!

Let's catch up on our main four characters to get them out of the way first.


managed to fend off Russell while the others dealt with his team of werewolves, only to be met by a chancellor of the Authority who arrived to pick up Mr Edgington. He also took care of the other captive humans, while Eric and Bill pretended to glamour Sookie and Alcide. In the case of Alcide, he did get glamoured (as well have as a few false memories implanted by Eric), but Sookie was able to lift it before long. The important part here, is that Eric has finally confirmed that his affections for Sookie haven't gone anywhere despite how hurt he felt when she turned him down. Bill had a few heartfelt things to say to her as well while he was pretending to wipe her memories clean, and I'm sure for most that scene was a bit of a tear-jerker.

Sookie and Alcide take off, and she heads on to work while Alcide storms off to challenge the acting Packleader. Sookie's next problem (until she meets Russell again, anyway) arises when Jason takes her to the fairy safe house and she's bombarded with yet more information about her past she probably didn't want to know about. Looking at the preview for next week, we also find out that her powers have limitations and she's about to learn how to use them better.

I noticed that the folks at TrueBloodNet were confused as to how Sookie inherited the fairy blood but not her parents (or Jason). The book explanation is that the blood doesn't necessarily "choose" every person in the family. Neither of Sookie's parents inherited it, and Jason inherited the irresistible looks and allure, but only Sookie inherited the actual blood along with some powers, not including her ability to hear thoughts, which according to book canon comes from somewhere else that I won't spoil for you TV-only folks. Sookie's fairy ancestor coupled with Adele (Gran), and Sookie's fairy relatives include Claude who introduced himself to her again at the bar and Claudette, along with the other sisters whose name I didn't catch. Book Hunter (Hadley's son) also has the mind-hearing gift that Sookie does, and I'm not sure if they'll run with that in the TV show, but it'll be pretty interesting if the folks at HBO manage to slip that in.

Claude explains that the fairy safehouse is separate from the fairy world she encountered back with Claudine and Queen Mab.

He says that he has departed from that, and the fey who wish to survive together (apart from Mab) have banded together with him. Sookie isn't really convinced, though, especially when Claude goes on to say that a vampire killed her parents while searching for her own blood. 

As for Bill and Eric, they are back in the frying pan (out of the fire) for now.

Roman was happy that they found Russell, and he even planned a swift execution, but Russell was already far more powerful than he led on (and more powerful than Salome led on, who had assured everyone that he was silvered). The last we see of them, Russell thrust a stake at Roman, and I guess next week we'll find out what happened for real and whether Roman even is just a vampire. At the very least, the preview showed more than enough footage for us to know that Russell is going to be back out in the wild.

Next, let's talk about Sam and Andy. Sam and Luna survive, and Emma sought refuge with her grandmother. After some tense words, Luna agrees to let her take care of her daughter while the issue of supe hate crimes is resolved. Sam then confronts Andy, the officer in charge and one person who understands what's really going on, to offer his help. The result? Andy almost got shot in the face, and he'd be getting buried next episode had it not been for Sam.

Jessica and Tara were getting along nicely last episode, but when Jessica steps in to save a human (Hoyt) from being drained dry, Tara lashes out at her and initiates a fight in the middle of Fangtasia. Pam breaks it up, and Jessica takes off feeling sad and let down. Hoyt has a moment of let-down as well when he misunderstands her feelings and tries to sass up to Jessica only to be rejected again (more on this at Jessica's blog). In fact, he nearly allows himself to be killed until the same hate crime group comes by, kills the vampire and drags Hoyt away to safety.

The rest of the episode comprised Lafayette learning a few things from his mother, and Terry breaking up with Arlene in order to protect her and the kids from the ifrit. Jesus appeared to Lafayette's mother, and she was able to pick up that he's being tormented by his witch grandfather. Lafayette's new problem now, besides his demon tendencies, is helping Jesus after death. In the case of Terry, poor Arlene thinks he's off his rocker and just needs some time to vent and get his meds. I think that she's going to stay true to him, but I hope that he doesn't end up dead.

Is this the part where we can say that the poop has finally hit the fan? Russell is on the loose (again, and publicly), supe-haters are driving around killing vampires and shifters, Sookie is getting tangled up with the fairies, Lafayette has a whole lot of magic to pull (and maybe his mother will have a bit more face time for the rest of this arc), Sam and Andy have teamed up to hunt down the supe-haters, and Alcide is getting ready for a werewolf showdown.

Next episode, I think we're in for a real treat. Not only is it directed by Stephen Moyer himself, but I expect a lot of fantastic lines delivered by Denis O'Hare and hopefully we'll even see the return of Rev. Newlin! After all, he's the one who told us on Twitter to especially look forward to episode 7.

Check out this link for the full preview (episode 7), and besides that HBO has actually put up a couple of extra videos for us to enjoy. First is a look at the rest of season 5. It shows a few interesting bits like Arlene fighting that Iraqi lady who cursed Terry, Sookie making decisions about whether she wants to be supernatural any more, Russell wreaking havoc, and lots more blood where that came from.

The other video is Alan Ball and Dan Attias (director - episode 6) giving us an insider look. They basically explain what everyone already picked up - this episode is a huge turning point for the season.

That's all I've got for this week. Did I miss anything? Let's chat about it in the comments! I don't necessarily highlight every little thing because I don't want this column to run too long, but I'm always open to discussion. I'm looking forward to next week for sure. It doesn't even seem like we're only halfway through! A lot has happened, for better or for worse. I still stand by my opinion that they should have dumped Jason's individual story and Terry's this season to keep things a little neater, but what can ya do, eh?