Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 8

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This week's episode we finally got to see Stephen Moyer's directing work in action, and it absolutely showed. There were a few teary moments, and one particularly steamy and fun moment, but overall this episode was once again, story-moving. Things have become a bit less confusing now that a few storylines have converged, at least for the moment.

Last week, we left off with Sookie deciding whether she wanted to get rid of her fairy powers, Alcide challenging the Pack Leader, Luna being frustrated about sticking it out in the hospital while Sam is helping Andy hunt down the crime group, and Terry trying to cope with his ifrit problem while Lafayette tried to escape the demon he acquired by accident. Ah yeah, and the vampires had an interesting night, too.

"Somebody That I Used to Know"

Since I think Sam Trammel's performance was the highlight of this episode, we'll start with him. He tackled down that nurse in the hospital, and Andy took him in for questioning. After Sam has a few moments alone with the offender for a bit more aggressive persuasion, Luna bursts in having shifted into, well, Sam. This is the part where I think Sam Trammel did an amazing job - he had to play both himself, and Luna as himself. He's got some good range, and I get the feeling she worked together with him (along with Moyer) to make him act just right. Thankfully, Luna did end up changing back to her normal body. She still thinks she's dying, though.

Before that last bit with Luna, Sam and Andy did go to investigate the house in the "middle of nowhere" that Hoyt was taken to with the crime group. Apparently, the guy who was flirting with Jessica at Fangtasia (Jessica went there to ease her troubled mind after the fight with Jason) did so just to kidnap her and serve her on a silver platter for Hoyt to shoot. Despite his hate for her and broken heart, he can't kill her in cold blood. He lets her go after a tear-jerky moment, and leaves her there for the day while he goes out for help. He's met at gunpoint down the road, and she's found by Andy and company. The new worry is: what happened to Hoyt?

On to Sookie, she is confronted by Jason who convinces her there are more productive things she can be doing with her magic than letting it all go. They talk to Claude and the others about finding out who that vampire is that killed their parents, and have a little magic session to learn more about that night. The magic they used is a bit reminiscent of what the witches do in the Sookie books, in which they use their magic to recreate scenes in the past, except with a twist - Sookie gets to be a part of the scene. It didn't end well though, as Sookie ends up inhabiting the vampire who killed her parents, who was caught by the now dead Claudine. The plot thickens.

On Alcide's end of things, there's one of the spiciest sex scenes in the entire show, in which we get to see just how much fun Joe Manganiello has with his role. Lots of growling and cajoling lead to the next big thing, the Pack Master challenge. J.D., all messed up on V, decides to loose a track runner and have he and Alcide track him and return him for slaughter to decide on the new leader. When Alcide turns down the challenge in an effort to save the kid's life, J.D. decides to go ahead and track him anyway. This leads to a brawl, and grandma comes in and stops the fight that almost ends Alcide's life. Way to go, gramma!

Pam and Tara have some great moments this episode. Tara is confronted by a snob from high school, who takes several cheap shots at her. Pam steps in when Tara starts telling the snob off, and placates the blond as punishment to Tara. But then she nabs the snob as a surprise and puts her in the basement, then glamors her in front of Tara - the blond is now Tara's slave, and is only there to be her food source. The result is one very happy Tara, and a nice Momma moment in which we see that Pam is picking away at Tara's troubles one by one. 

Eric has now completely snapped out of it (here's the scene where he's looking incredulously at his fellow vampires), and he tries confronting Nora about what's going on. When he mentions Godric, she basically says that their Maker is an blaspheming idiot and they're on the right path. Eric, hurt again, takes off and seeks some normalcy in Bill, except Bill seems to have turned on him, too. He feeds off an innocent person in a double-whammy tear-jerk session (first between Nora and Eric, second in Bill's flashback seeing his daughter on her death bed), and then turns Eric away when he tries to get him away from the group.

New Reverend Newlin and Russell Edgington seem to be getting along well through all this. Russell is just having fun and doing whatever he can that involves getting his way and eating people. I have no idea what Newlin's motives are, though it seems like survival is still the utmost thing on his mind. He seems to view Russell as the most powerful individual there, and being a gay vampire, I guess it's only natural to just try and latch on. More on this as the show progresses, perhaps? 

Finally, we have Terry and Lafayette, whose story lines have come together, for now. Lafayette escapes, and has a vision with Jesus in his car (though once you see him drive away, nobody is in the passenger seat with him). Somehow, I don't think that's the end of his problems, though. I think that witch is going to come back for him, just like Marne did. For now though, his problem is that Arlene and Holly have asked him to be a medium to the Iraqi woman who cursed Terry and Patrick, and see what he can do about easing the situation with the ifrit. Well, he gets in contact, but the new ultimatum: Terry has to kill Patrick, or Arlene has to kill Terry, but either way - one of them have to die. Damn.

That's about it for this week. It was definitely an exciting episode because, again, it moved the story. It's also nice to see what Stephen Moyer does given the reigns. If you missed the episode and you're just interested in a short visual recap, HBO also released this as their insider video this week. Also check out the preview for next week's episode titled "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Things are fixing to go off the deep end.