Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 7

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I only see disaster on the horizon.

Last week, we had left off with some revelations for Sookie, a frustrated Tara, dead (confirmed) Roman lending a new load of problems to Bill and Eric, angry Sam, freaked out Lafayette, and crazy Terry. Well, I guess Terry is always just a little bit crazy, but anyway, last week was a big turning point.

This week, we finally learn what really happened with Russell as well as what the consequences will look like, among other things.

Since the whole Authority business is kind of a big deal, we'll start off with them. Last week we just saw Russell pounce on Roman and that was the end of the episode. This week, we learned that he was definitely not silvered, and it was actually Salome who had dug him up as we suspected. Nora appears to have had only the best intentions for Eric and Bill, but considering everything that's happened, Eric doesn't seem too happy with her. He practically disowned her, until they all get drunk (or high?) on ancient blood together and start wreaking some havoc until they all group hallucinate Lilith. Godric then appears to Eric and pleads with him to save Nora.

The highlight of this entire section had to be Russell taking a mic and singing alongside a bride-to-be at a bar that would eventually serve to be a slaughterhouse. Denis O'Hare is such a perfectly slimy but fun Russell and I love watching his scenes. The other bit was the return of New Reverend Newlin, who appears to be in survival mode. Praise Lilith? Sure, why not.

Pam is showing more and more motherly love every time we see her. Sporting an amazing hairdo, she sits at her throne watching Tara pole dance and later on tells her she is much better at dancing than bar tending, which appears to have been Tara's idea. Not only did she budge at Tara's request, but she went on to comfort her after an encounter with her human mother. Pam tells her that a hundred years from now, she won't even remember her human mother so it shouldn't get her down. Aww.

Hoyt has now been misled into joining an angry hate group that now has a new victim in mind: Jessica. Andy and Sam are on their trail, but I'm anxious to see whether Jessica herself is going to be the next target that is out-ed by this team. I thought perhaps Jason would step in and help Andy, but he is preoccupied by Sookie who is making a few life decisions without thinking about it.

Sookie goes to Sam for some advice on whether he would give up all his special powers to be just plain human. He ends up saying it'd be nice, but you can't change who you are, and he's tired of fighting for survival. Sookie gets home and impulsively starts releasing as much of her fairy magic as she can, even after Claude and her other fairy relative told her there is much more she could do with her power than that.

I'm not too sure what'll happen with her here. Her gift for hearing thoughts, according to book canon, is not something she inherited from her fae blood. The light power has protected her against vampires enough times now that it seems like a stupid idea to just let it all go away. She should be aware that no matter what, she'll always get tangled up in vampire problems, so why is she trying to render herself helpless?

Back to Sam - his new mission is to hunt down the hate group that Hoyt has just joined in an effort to stop the crimes against shifters, vampires and other supernatural beings that may be involved. He has Luna stay at the hospital and there's where he spots his second group member (the first was the guy at the store, who we learned this week is actively involved in the hate crimes). I get the feeling that Hoyt won't be killed or anything as a result of all this, though it'd make for some great drama.

Meanwhile, Alcide is training to fight J.D. and is prepared to lose alongside his second. While they're training, J.D.'s wife shows up and tells him off. But later on she sees with her own eyes that Alcide was right when she sees J.D. offers Emma (the eight year old, mind you) some vampire blood. This is a great moment in the series, because we find that she really does have nothing but the best intentions for Emma, and that she really was clueless about the Packmaster's vampire blood activities. She may turn out to be an invaluable ally to both Alcide and Luna when the poop hits the fan again. At the very least, we know for sure that she doesn't plan on putting Emma in harm's way.

Lafayette goes to hunt down Jesus' relative who is after the gift that was forcefully passed on to his body. When he gets there, he gets his mouth sewn shut and the ceremony is nearly initiated when his wife gets up and stabs the witch to death. She then turns on Lafayette, cutting only half of the stitches on his mouth and the scene ends there. Is she on his side? Does she want to kill him for some other reason? Does she want protection? Who knows...

Terry had a moment of weakness in which he nearly shot himself after the smoke monster comes in and simply mocks him before disappearing again. Arlene in the meantime is lamenting what she believes is already a loss, until Holly comes in and hears her out about what Terry told her. At first, Holly tells her it's just PTSD and that Terry isn't crazy, and then Arlene brings up the monster.

Holly knows more about supernatural business than Arlene, and gently points out that she should also know better by now - this kind of thing could possibly exist. I actually kind of liked this scene, because now Terry isn't hopeless and alone in his ifrit problem. Holly now has the knowledge, and being Wiccan she might, just might, be able to find a way to dispel that curse. I think it'd be a great end to their story arc if Holly stepped in with a few friends and saved Terry from incendiary death. Going by the previews, I think that's the direction this is headed.

With that, I think I've covered everything from this week's episode. For further reading or watching, check out HBO for next week's (Somebody That I Used To Know, which is Stephen Moyer's episode) preview, the usual insider look at this week's episode with Alan Ball and Michael Ruscio, and Jessica's blog for a quick interview with Pam about "eating around" in light of a recent argument with Jason.