Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 4

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Last week, we basically had a lot of in-between stuff. We got the final bit of Eric and Pam's story, Bill and Eric escaped the Authority (in terms of being in their immediate vicinity), Sookie fessed up to Alcide about Debbie, Tara tried to kill herself and fairies were reintroduced. This week's episode provides basic continuations of their developing story lines from there, including a pretty big revelation for Jason from his fairy kin.


Since last week's episode ended with Pam and Tara, I'll start my recap with them. Pam does go and save her, and Tara spent the episode showing surprisingly more depth and restraint than usual for typical Tara. The only person who she mouths off to at this time is Pam (who is now being motherly), and to everyone else she has been acting more or less normal, and as bitter as ever. I found that kind of interesting considering it's her, but then again she probably figures it'd do her no good to upset the other vampires. She's been drinking True Blood because she feels grossed out by feeding on humans, but Pam gave her her first lesson this episode by force. I think she'll turn out just fine under her guidance, even if she is reluctant and heartbroken over her situation.

Pam herself had some great scenes this episode with Eric. He went ahead and released her as his progeny in order to protect her and his lineage. She doesn't know much about what's going on, but since Eric doesn't want her to get all mixed up in it, she's accepted she has to live on her own starting now. Eric also had to remind her that she's got responsibilities toward another vampire now as well, so she needs to think about herself and Tara.

On the Authority front, we saw that Nora is still surviving and she's ratted out another member who has misbehaved. The young kid made his exit about as swiftly as his entrance by Roman's hand, who operates under a zero-tolerance policy. One other thing that stood out is they dropped yet another biblical/historical reference on us with that stake he likes to play with so much, saying the silver end is made of the the same silver Judas accepted for the life of Jesus Christ. I suppose it reinforces that Roman reserves it for traitors.

Besides that bit, there's an interesting tweet I saw in which someone suggests Salome is behind everything. Some folks are saying that Russell Edgington is actually her Maker and she's the one who dug him up. It does kind of add up since Nora is the other person who has gotten involved, but I won't jump to conclusions just yet. I just figured I'd mention this because it's a cool theory.

Before I get to Sookie, I'll mention Lafayette. Both he and Tara had some dialogue this week about how Sookie manages to be safe and sound while she leaves a "trail of dead bodies" behind. Tara is in a stage of regret, feeling betrayed by being turned into a vampire even after making the ultimate sacrifice for her friend. Lafayette is being attacked by the demon Jesus left behind, which, fueled by his fear manifests itself in ugly ways. First it was the nearly bleached gumbo last week, and this week he cursed Sookie's car. She escaped death, but the trauma of the incident led her straight to the liquor cabinet. Lafayette realized what's going on already, but I guess we'll see how he's going to actually deal with it.

As I mentioned, Sookie went straight to the alcohol. She's gotten too stressed out to deal with anything, and decided -- "the hell with it!" The good thing about it is, she would presumably spend an evening with herself and a few bottles to get it out of her system. Unfortunately, she's got (jealous) Bill and Eric right outside her window plotting how they're going to drag her into their new problem, and a hunky Alcide inside trying to drink away his problems too, which leads to some drunken make-outs. It's too bad, too, because Alcide is about as normal a guy she can hope to be with besides, perhaps, Sam.

The other biggie this week was Jason and Andy being led to the fairy safehouse. If it's the same as the books, Claude will be the one who runs it for the benefit of all fae (not just fairies, but other magical creatures that come from the same beginnings). We might also have the pleasure of meeting Dermot, who is meant to look just like Jason, and I look forward to seeing Ryan Kwanten stretch a bit as an actor playing two different characters.

Jason runs into his cousin Hadley, who you may remember was holed up with the late queen of Louisiana. She lets it slip that the death of their parents was no mere accident, but Jason and Andy are swiftly tossed out by two other fae as soon as he tries to pursue the subject. I'm not sure what they are doing to Andy and Jason, whether they intend to wipe his memory or something, but that's another thing we'll find out next time. I did also learn that Claude and Claudette have several episodes this season, so I expect we'll have answers soon.

There was a nice moment with Jessica and Bill in which she realizes he isn't as much of a stick-in-the-mud as she perceived, and Bill realizes she's matured greatly. He tells her as much, and they have a sweet scene because it's positive reinforcement for Jessica. I was wondering for a while whether she honestly cared one way or another for Sookie, and Jessica was apparently worried enough to tell Bill he should drop by and talk to her, despite the fact that she turned him and Eric down. She even said she believes that the relationship she and Bill have is special and he should be there for her. I do believe that Bill is there for Sookie through and through, though his dialogue at the end of the episode about using Sookie in their search for Russell (whether she likes it or not) was a bit irking. It's the vampire way, I suppose. They need her for survival, even though they both expect to meet the True Death after this is over.

Finally, there's Sam and Terry. Some of Sam's shifter buddies reached out to him about going out on a run, and he agrees, only to find they've been killed that same day. Terry and his buddy find the guy they're looking for but are met with some deranged hostility. I'm not really enjoying Terry's segments right now, and I don't think we needed to know about some of the stuff that happened to him while he was in service. I thought his character was more interesting when we didn't have that much background. I just want his arc to end so he can go back to Arlene and the kids.

Overall, while a little more exciting than last week's episode, we're still in the pacing stage. Nothing super crazy has happened yet (though things are definitely getting messed up real fast), but True Blood is building up towards something huge in coming episodes. We've had some good drama in the meantime, and I feel like next episode (preview here) is going to make things tense. Sookie is drunk and trying to block out her problems, and another is about to drop in at her (Eric's?) doorstep. 

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