Friday Things: 07/27

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[Another Friday... another link dump! Hah!]

On general bad-assery:

I seriously love the "Badass Dad of the Day" column on The Daily What. All of the dads that are spotlit here totally deserve it, and this video of dad surprising his kid by dressing up as Spider-Man and taking him out for a fun trampoline park day is no exception. Seriously, watch it.

On games:

You all already have to know how excited I am for the upcoming Epic Mickey games. Here's another tidbit on Joystiq with Marv Wolfman and his insight.

Para-Norman is another exciting one, and now there's a movie tie-in game for iOS! It's free, and awesome, and actually complements the film rather well. Touch Arcade has a great review of the game (called 2-Bit Bub). I already downloaded it, so I'll put my thoughts down here later on when I've had a chance to play it through.

A while back when it launched, I wrote about Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom game, shared some pictures of my playing cards and expressed interest in seeing how the game developed. Disney have made their next move, and that is to create an extension of it you can play any time. It'll be available at the Parks first, and eventually at the Disney Store online.

On comics-related:

This isn't a spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises for those of you who still haven't watched it; check out this link for the purrfect $15 tee of "Bane Kitty." (via Fashionably Geek)

This is a wonderful illustration on comic ladies and cleavage.


Are you a fan of Farscape? Maybe just a little bit? It's being streamed by Nerdist now in re-cut "mini-sode" format. You should totally check it out.

Also spotted at Nerdist, Weird Al goes Face to Face with Pierce Brosnan and Rob Pattinson. It's.... well, it's funny.

[This is good for today. I'm also trying out a more "condensed" format, by not embedding all the videos and such to see how I like it. Do you have any feedback? Drop me a line.]