Friday Things: 07/20

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[It's kind of a sad day. Since the past few weeks this column has been pretty loaded, I'll be making today's rather light, especially with the video content.

Why would I be sad, you ask? I'm sad that there are crazy people out there that go out on killing sprees and ruin lives.]

On gamer-related things:

One of my new favorite games to play now is The Big Big Castle (free for iPad), which TouchArcade has a great review of right here. It's created by one of my favorite people, Ron Gilbert, too. All kinds of win.

There's a headline making waves around the blogosphere about Dead Space (1 and 2) having been a bit too scary, and EA has moved to include a multiplayer section for upcoming Dead Space 3. While I have no real problems with this, it looks like a bunch of places are basically ridiculing the sentiment, and PAR's Ben Kuchera has written up a strong argument against the sensationalist headlines.

On book-related things:

Someone made a charm bracelet based on the horcruxes from the Harry Potter series. It's beautiful, and you could buy it if you really want it. (via Fashionably Geek)

A six year old girl was shown a bunch of book covers and asked to guess what they're about based on looks alone. The results are fantastic.

It's a book! No, a purse! Er, it's both!

On movie-related things:

ParaNorman is coming soon, and mystery boxes have been shipped to various people (like Neil Gaiman and  Kevin Smith). Tomopop got one (part 1 | part 2), and Super Punch has been documenting other box sightings on the internet as well.

Wreck-It Ralph might have some Marvel characters jumping on the screen! Here's a link to the news along with a video interview with director Rick Moore.

Guess what? Johnny Depp is going to be in another movie. And it's not going to involve Tim Burton or Disney. Here's the info on this new Wes Anderson project.

[I think that's good for today. Thanks for reading!]