Friday Things: 07/13

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[Woo hoo, another weekend! San Diego Comic-Con is going on right now, meaning I'm very busy ogling a bunch of new things! Also tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be attending the Zelda concert with the Hyrule Symphony Orchestra over at Orlando, so come back soon for my recap of that evening sometime in the next few days. 

On the book side of things, I've finished reading Peter Pan (and thoroughly loved it), but I've had a hard time putting my thoughts down on the book overall. I'll eventually cover it for Geekery Do, though. For now, I've picked up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? And I hope to finish it over the weekend. 

Enjoy the links! Like last week, my column is going to be a bit video heavy.]

On booky things and writing:

This is what bookmarks do when you're not around! Here's the link with some info. The video made me smile, so I hope you do, too.

Apparently, the Washington Post made an error in an article, so a group of 5th graders saw it fit to set the record straight (adorable).

Neil Gaiman is well-known for a lot of things, including his graphic novel series Sandman. Today, it was announced he'll be writing a prequel (or companion?) to that and it'll be drawn by J.H. Williams. This week also saw the announcement of various books he'll be writing for HarperCollins for young audiences.

This is the best way to beautify a city - ever. Kansas City transforms a parking garage in their library district into huge books!

On Disney things:

Double video time! The first one is a new trailer for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. I'm super excited for this game, and now we've got an idea of the opening with a song and everything.

Disney also released the very first trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful yesterday. This is another film I'm excited for, and I'm enjoying what I see so far. I like that the trailer suggests Raimi is tipping his hat to The Wizard of Oz with stuff like a black-and-white environment until the main character makes it to Oz.

Excited for Wreck-It Ralph? Me too. The latest in news/buzz on that movie is I found out Disney actually wanted to get the Mario Bros. in the action (remember, we saw Bowser in the trailer), but as it turns out, the asking price was way too high.


The Dog Trainer over at Quick and Dirty Tips writes about dogs and whether they feel empathy. What do you think?

Here's a non-critique of Magic Mike. There are some interesting points here, and although I also initially expected the movie to just be gratuitous eye-candy, I've been hearing it actually has a message and tackles some social issues . This article explains some of it without getting off track. 

If you aren't attending San Diego Comic-Con (or even if you are), you should totally check out Tomopop for their coverage of all things toy/collectible-related that are coming out of that show. Even the stuff we already knew about.

I also recently wrote about a couple cool things on Japanator, including the trailer for upcoming Japanese film Dead Sushi and an iOS game called Character Chowdown that aims to help folks learn Japanese on the go.

[That's it for today! Have a great weekend~]