Friday Things: 07/06

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[I almost didn't have time to get this column up this week because I'm lame and leave things for the last minute. There's been some rad stuff going on the past few days though, so enjoy the links! It's a little bit shorter than usual, but that's only because there are not one, but three videos this time around. ]

On The Hobbit:

The Hobbit is in the can! Yay!

In honor of this fabulous event, have this video of a pair of twins playing the main theme of The Hobbit on their harps. Oh yes, it's a harp duet!

On Games and other Movies:

As it turns out, Outwitters (for iOS) is pretty fun! I'll probably post my own thoughts on the game soon, but for now here's Touch Arcade's primer.

I'm also excited for upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. It's meant to be a sort of prequel/companion to The Wizard of Oz and is headed by Sam Raimi. Here's some more information along with the first teaser poster.

I was Sorted This Way, baby. Being a Hufflepuff is officially, totally cool.


It seems I see custom TOMS all the time, but I rarely see a tutorial on how to make your own customized pair, so here's one by a lady who made some R2D2 style kicks. What a coincidence that it turned out to be Star Wars-related?

This woman is a total bad-ass and it's horrible to know that because she isn't "pretty" and skinny and perfect, she doesn't get the money she needs to even eat well enough for being an Olympian. What gives?

(via) Check out this video about amazing things people do for animals or each other.

[Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!]