Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 3

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Last week on True Blood, all the jumbled up story lines ended with: Tara runs away from Sookie and Lafayette, New Steve Newlin really wants to bang Jason, Luna's daughter had her first change and Sam is stressed out, Alcide is trying to get something out of Sookie, and Bill and Eric are dealing with Roman of the Authority while Pam is reminiscing about the events leading up to her becoming a vampire.

This week we're starting to see how some of these events will merge. (Remember: this is a summary with my thoughts - spoilers ahead!)

Alright, so let's start with Pam and Tara. We already know that Tara hates her life now, and she's still upset with Sookie and Lafayette. The next person she runs to for help is Sam (after turning down a human snack), and drinks until dawn at which point Sam hides her in the freezer.

I think it's important that she ran to him for help and that he was willing to do so until Sookie listened in. It sucks that afterward Tara was still upset and decided to kill herself in a complicated way (why not just stake herself if she wants to die so badly?). She'll be saved by Pam though, who has been busy reminiscing about her final days as a human, which ended as her dropping a big one on Eric: turn me into a vampire or see me die. We always knew Pam was a go-getter.

One of the things we have to take away from Pam's flash backs (besides the first meeting of Eric and Bill, and how she got Eric to turn her), is Eric's commentary on new vampires. She just wants to change; he wants her to understand that it's an important decision, a big deal, and that abandoning a new vampire is like dropping a new born baby into a gutter. That's basically what happened to Tara - she was the unwanted newborn that Pam dumped in the gutter, and it got her in a tanning bed. I think Pam is going to take responsibility from here on out.

Getting back to Sookie, she was finally confronted by Alcide and spilled the beans on Debbie. In the preview for the next episode (link at the bottom of this post), he apparently reveals that he told Debbie's parents what Sookie did so they would have some closure on what happened to their "little girl." I suspect this leads to nothing but trouble for Sookie, who in the books was later attacked by Debbie's half-sister to the point of near-death (revenge, yanno). It doesn't look like Sookie's woes end there, as it seems that Bill and Eric might have to use her to get at the big bad vampire they're hunting (Russell).

Moving on to Bill and Eric (now with trigger-ready stakes over their chests) - they've both been confronted by the legendary, biblical, powerful Salome. She reveals that she sponsored Nora for the council and is basically gauging what it is they are looking for, what they want and whether they can be trusted. After two back-to-back sessions, Roman comes in and tells her that Nora has fessed up, so he's not entirely sure what'll happen with Bill and Eric. Actually, it's a little odd that Nora confessed, as I thought she was on their side. Either the torture was too much for her or she just has something else in mind. Time will tell...

The Authority has gotten more action than that, though. New Steve Newlin came in and we officially found out he's meant to be the new face of the Authority. It seems that he was recruited because of his connections, not "punished" for them, and that Nan's "departure" was planned to begin with. It's nice to know that he was on TV as a direct result of the actions of the Authority and that they're taking on main streaming from a new angle: using someone who was previously a big anti-vampire figure to try and appeal to the human masses. The actor revealed via Twitter (Michael McMillian) that he won't be in the next few episodes, and to look forward to 7 and 12 this season more than anything else. He also revealed that Steve's gunning for Jason all the way - no detours with other men. Lastly, when asked if his character dug up Russell, his response is "maybe." Take that for a crazy plot twist! If the burned up figure from last week was indeed him, it'd make sense if someone within the Authority is keeping him hidden away until he's strong enough to go out in the wild and bring on the chaos.

The rest of the episode was some Andy and Holly fluff (which is actually pretty adorable), and some Terry drama with Arlene. She did say something rather unfortunate when he said he had to take off for a bit (don't expect me to be waiting on you), but then again, he's the one that's kind of wigging out on her. It's a complicated situation, but I think they'll pull through. Both actors (Todd Lowe and Carrie Preston) have said during interviews that the two characters truly love each other and they are the best thing that has happened for the other. It would be too sad if they were broken up over Terry's latest episode, but Arlene is definitely trying to be understanding. Terry has this thing he's worried about, but having stability in his life in the way of a wife and kids isn't something he's going to toss away easily.

Besides that, we see a scene with Jessica who is trying to comfort Jason. He seems to be having a "growing up" moment, where he feels completely unfulfilled by just sleeping around with anyone he likes. Instead of becoming upset with him when he tells her he can't just be her hook-up whenever she feels like, she goes off to change her clothes into something less sexy and tells him she wants to be his friend. In case you hadn't been keeping up, Jessica also keeps a blog and it has videos and stuff from her perspective in between episodes. In her most recent post, she expresses concern over being a girl trying to maintain a friendship with Jason, a man. I'd also like to mention that Tracy's Togs, the shop she appears in this week, is an adaptation of the store in the books Tara's Togs, which was meant to be Tara's little clothing and wedding boutique later on.

**update** I forgot about this small, yet important detail when I was writing this recap originally - During Jessica's scene in Tracy's Togs, a man was in there buying an outfit for a "sister." I didn't catch the dialogue to check whether she said his name, but I'm 99% sure the character is Claude, who is the twin of Claudine, a character you may remember as Sookie's Fairy Godmother (deceased). If Claude shares qualities with his book counterpart, he might work at a strip club and he might befriend Sookie in order to try and steal a fairy artifact from her. If fairy politics are to come into play this season, we might also end up meeting Sookie's great grandfather (of the fairy variety) and another cousin who basically looks just like Jason (called Dermot). 

That's it for this week - I think this analysis ran a little long. Next week I'll be back with my next recap. Thanks for reading! For those interested, here's a look at next week's (July 1) episode.