Thoughts On: True Blood Season 5 Episode 2

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Last week, Tara was turned into a vampire, and Eric and Bill were exchanged among various hands until they ended up caught under the Authority's thumb. We also saw Terry wigging out a bit over the sudden appearance of his comrade, Alcide taking responsibility for killing the Packmaster, and Jason and Andy having problems with their love lives.

My thoughts on this week's episode are below the cut, and it should be rather obvious, but: spoilers ahead!

Alright, so last week I had said I thought Tara was just really, really pissed. As it turns out, she definitely is. The first and only words out of her mouth were pretty much "I'll never forgive the both of you." Now Sookie and Lafayette have a new problem, which is trying to reign her in as much as possible. For someone that is extremely upset over being turned a vampire though, she isn't making any moves to kill herself, either. I guess being a new vampire just makes her frustrated and confused. Here's hoping she runs into Jessica soon and they smack each other around a bit. The alternative is that Pam, lost without Eric around, will take responsibility for Tara and learn a few things herself.

As for Sam and Luna, as much as I can understand Sam's side, and as crazy as Luna seems over her sudden aggression toward the local pack and protecting her daughter, it's difficult to see where there would be compromise when both characters are so stressed out. Sam has just been tortured and Luna has nothing but problems piling up on her. After she blows off Sam and sends him away, she discovers Emma has made her first change, and she definitely looks like a wolf pup. Whether she's a shifter that tends to become a wolf (as Sam prefers his dog), or she inherited the full Were gene, we'll know soon enough. Some interesting stuff is flying around the 'net, though. I also saw a tweet somewhere about Alcide becoming Emma's Protector. I could see this being a compromise of some kind, but I don't see Luna finding happiness with Weres (even if Emma turns out to be Werewolf). By the way, I'm leaning towards Werewolf.

I've been wondering a long while when and how we were going to get Pam's story, since her character is much older in appearance in the show than it is in the books. I figured that the story would be somehow altered to suit the lifestyle of a full adult rather than a young girl about to be married off. I enjoy what the folks have done with it, that being said. Pam had to have been of interest to Eric in some way, and by her demonstrating control of herself after Eric rescued her, she's only making him more curious. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this courtship develops to the point when she is turned, and whether it will be a similar scenario (rape, beating, etc.; then vampire rescue) to her book version or simply a naturally formed partnership.

Both Pam and Eric had some humanizing scenes in this one episode, equally packed as the premiere. Eric is dealing with the torment that his Sister may have died or, later on, will be killed. Bill and Eric have maintained their partnership even though the Authority is handling the situation in a most puzzling way. Only at the very end, at the last moment when Bill strikes a bargain with Roman does it come out that they have disobeyed the Authority in any way. Before then, they were being questioned about things that made no sense to me. Bill has been a model mainstreaming vampire since before the movement. Why question him and then decide he should probably die after, under torture, admitting to nothing that goes against the mainstream movement? Oh, and wow; there's a small kid in the council!

The rest I must admit was kind of fluff, though I'll freely admit I absolutely love New Steve Newlin. It's great to see the complete 180-degree change, I enjoy the mystery behind his Making, and I enjoy the goofy side of him that really wants to bang Jason. He's as lame as ever, but I have a feeling he hasn't even pulled out the aces yet. For one thing, where did he get all that cash? Did he go back and steal it from his former organization? And finally, why is it in his interest to remain a public figure of (now) vampire advocacy when he was previously a strong leader for those who wanted to kill vampire kind?

I guess the only real thing to mention last would be that weird burnt up corpse-y person we saw at the very end with the blue eyes. Folks seem a little divided on whether that is Russell or someone else, and I'm in the camp of those who believe it's a new character. While Russell is a big fish the Authority need to fry (with Eric and Bill's "help"), I wouldn't be surprised if we were faced with another slice of evil on the side. After all, Russell is just a chump that likes chaos - I use the word "chump" loosely because although he isn't a vampire to be trifled with, his motives are non-existent. Chumps make stupid villains.

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